Pharmacy OneSource Releases Poll Results for Second Quarter 2007

August 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Bellevue, WA — Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software as a service provider to more than 1,000 hospitals in the United States, today released the results of its exclusive on-line polls for the second quarter of 2007. Poll highlights include that nearly 40% of pharmacy professionals often feel tired at work, 46% strongly support the movement for more transparency in healthcare, and 88% feel that work performance is not rewarded at their facility.

The full results of each poll from April - June 2007 are listed below. Media sources are encouraged to utilize these poll results and attribution to is requested.

How often do you feel tired at work?
All the time 4.7%
Often 39.4%
Sometimes 42.5%
Rarely 10.2%
Never 0.8%
Other 2.4%
Total 127

How would you describe your co-workers?
Close friends 6.8%
Cool people 33.1%
Jerks 15.0%
Lazy 12.8%
Other 32.3%
Total 133

What part of your pharmacy practice do you think would most benefit from a pharmacy-experienced consultant?
Financial 14.0%
Operational 48.8%
Clinical 11.6%
Consultants can't help 20.9%
Other 4.7%
Total 43

Do you think the general public can comprehend hospital data effectively to make educated decisions?
Yes 4.4%
Somewhat 27.9%
Only a few can 44.1%
No 23.5%
Total 68

Do you support the movement for more transparency in healthcare?
Strongly support 46.4%
Somewhat support 39.3%
Indifferent 7.1%
Somewhat oppose 3.6%
Strongly oppose 0.0%
Other 3.6%
Total 56

Does outstanding performance earn a meaningfully higher pay raise over average performance at your facility?
Yes 10.3%
No 88.4%
Other 1.4%
Total 146

To what degree would the linking of laboratory and pharmacy data enhance the pharmacist's role in antibiotic management?
Strongly enhance 91.2%
Somewhat enhance 7.0%
No effect 0.0%
Other 1.8%
Total 57

How much of a priority is performing and publishing pharmacist studies to you?
#1 priority 6.9%
High priority 27.6%
Medium priority 25.9%
Low priority 39.7%
Total 58

Do you think ASHP should change to just one national meeting a year?
Yes, one meeting would be better. 46.3%
No, I like having two meetings. 41.8%
Indifferent 9.0%
Other 3.0%
Total 67

In your opinion, how complete are your pharmacy's temperature and humidity logs?
100% complete 23.5%
Mostly complete 42.6%
Somewhat complete 5.9%
Mostly incomplete 8.8%
We're supposed to log this stuff? 17.6%
Other 1.5%
Total 68

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