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August 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Dallas, TX August 10, 2007 —The sweeping statement that 90% of black women are angry is a disturbing one. At some point we have all heard of the so called angry black woman syndrome. The expression gives off a vision of a tart-tongued, creatively choreographed neck twisting, finger-wagging, eye-rolling, eye-brow rising, loud-mouthed, drama-filled, and defiant sister. Are there sisters like that? Most certainly, but are all black women like that?

Contrary to popular belief, all black women are not angry. Fed-up maybe, but not angry. Lately, it seems that black women are constantly being portrayed in this negative light. “We do have some serious issues with our black men. Brothers as well as society are using the “angry black woman” label to participate in misogynistic, unmanly, disrespectful, infantile and non-nurturing behaviors” says Tina Clark, creator of
“Black Women have picked up the slack for the abandonment of too many Black men and had to take on the job as the provider and the protector. Men are the NATURAL providers and the protectors of their families and their communities and black men as a whole HAVEN'T done their jobs, i.e. not providing enough=too much poverty AND not protecting enough=too much crime. Therefore, it is simply ridiculous for any sane Black man to say that all black women are angry.”

Black men love it. It gives them an excuse to disregard us as a whole. They just shrug their shoulders and say we are just ‘too angry’ – as they dismiss a group which includes their mothers, their sisters and their grandmothers and aunts. We just want our men to do better jobs of taking care of their families, their communities, and the Black race. You never hear such broad and inaccurate caricatures about white women or any other women for that matter. But somehow, it is acceptable and can magically apply to all black women.”

The goal of is to encourage black women to move beyond past pain and fear, acknowledge the frustration that contributes to emotional breakdowns and outburst that drives good things out of their lives. And we also want black men to gain a greater awareness and sensitivity to the issues we struggle with daily. Because truth is, some women are angry because they are exhausted or they have been ignored and dismissed or they're not taken seriously, or they are being abandoned or they are being rejected. This anger of course is not justified if it becomes a never-ending bitterness that clouds ones present or future. It is not justified when it is an obstinate attitude which appears angry at everything in general and seems to especially relish demonizing all black men, nor is it justified when it is constantly a source of baseless and negative unsolicited criticism or advice.

Many black women don’t have a catharsis for their pain and haven’t learned how to forgive and let go. As Oprah Winfrey often states, “writing is cathartic.” provides a platform for dialogue to resolve the misunderstandings between black men and women, as well as provide an opportunity for black women to write anonymous open letters to black men about their relationship experiences with them, with the intent to forgive, let go, heal, cleanse and be whole again. For more info:

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