Plimus and Uniloc Announce Software Validation Partnership

August 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SAN DIEGO, CA – August 9, 2007 – Plimus, Inc. and Uniloc, Inc. today announced that they have partnered to deliver an iron-clad software protection solution for independent vendors of digitally delivered products. Through this partnership, Plimus and Uniloc will jointly provide the key elements of software validation necessary to maximize revenues and minimize loss of intellectual property value.

Uniloc’s Polite software activation solution softANCHOR helps protect software, and serve customers, by using device fingerprinting and copy protection to strengthen license management in a user-friendly manner. Plimus operates a leading hosted e-commerce system, with highly-developed fraud protection, which helps vendors to sell their products online without concern for fraudulent transactions.

Independent software vendors seeking to protect their R&D investment with the Uniloc system can now do so effectively through use of the Plimus e-commerce system. The Plimus / Uniloc solution allows them to flexibly control the proliferation of their software, permitting each valid serial number to activate a specified number of installations – with the flexibility to reset these limits dynamically, as a product moves through its normal lifecycle.

“Polite software activation is a win-win for digital delivery providers and their customers,” said Guy Wilnai, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Plimus. “Accessing it through the secure and scalable Plimus system puts the power of this solution into the hands of any company looking to reap the benefits of softANCHOR.”

“Through our partnership with Plimus, Uniloc is extending the boundaries of e-commerce for vendors of digitally delivered products,” said Brad Davis, Chief Operating Officer for Uniloc. “Pairing Uniloc softANCHOR with the leading hosted e-commerce system puts advanced software protection into every vendor’s toolbox, and profits right back to their bottom line. With Plimus managing fraud protection and hosting the activation and validation server on behalf of their customers, this is a unique opportunity for any software vendor doing business on the Internet to maximize their returns.”

Customers using the combined Plimus / Uniloc solution will have the confidence that their software cannot be copied or reverse-engineered and that it is not being obtained fraudulently. The activation / validation server will be hosted by Plimus as part of its service, eliminating capital and maintenance costs for customers. As the Plimus system is hosted, with fees charged only as sales are closed, implementation of the solution is highly cost-effective, placing it well within the reach of all vendors.

“We are delighted to be partnered with an innovative company like Uniloc,” concluded Tomer Herzog, CEO of Plimus. “Every vendor is working on eradicating undesired piracy and fraud from their business. By making the softANCHOR solution available within the Plimus system, our two companies are ensuring that nobody is financially excluded from using the technology they need to protect their intellectual property.”

Plimus customers have access to an array of license management and IP protection capabilities, and enjoy an extensive suite of e-commerce, sales and marketing tools to help them grow their revenues. For more details, visit

About Plimus, Inc.
Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, web hosting companies and online retailers. Plimus helps companies and publishers of all sizes maximize online revenues and reduce the costs and risks of running an e-commerce operation.

The company's award-winning platform offers order management, fraud protection, export controls, tax management, physical and digital product fulfillment, multi-currency and multi-language support, advanced reporting services, marketing tools, licensing management, an affiliate network, and much more.

Founded in 2001, the privately held Plimus is the winner of the 2006 Software Vendor Awards for Most Innovative Software E-commerce Service, Best Software E-commerce Customer Service & Support, and Best Overall Software E-commerce Value. Plimus is headquartered in San Diego.

About Uniloc softANCHOR
softANCHOR Polite Software Activation addresses the delicate balance needed between IP protection and call-center free user operation. The softANCHOR licensing solution leverages Uniloc’s patented physical device locking technologies and enables developers with unparalleled security through fully embedded security configurations. softANCHOR’s thousands of code variations and obfuscation practices ensure maximum code enforcement - and the highest hack-resistance available. Unlike other one-solution-fits-all anti-piracy measures, if any one title is ever somehow cracked, that same crack will not apply to any other products. softANCHOR supports a wide range of licensing variations, enabling clients to move into emerging markets throughout the global economy.

About Uniloc
Uniloc USA is the technology leader in electronic “physical device recognition” for software copy control and user authentication. Physical device recognition is the method of uniquely identifying a user device, such as a PC, game console, smart phone or cell phone, by the naturally occurring, inherent physical imperfections of that device, and then incorporating that “physical device fingerprint” into licenses or access credentials. Uniloc’s technologies can identify devices with more comparable accuracy than human DNA. Uniloc is the inventor and holder of the seminal physical device locking patent (US 5,490,216), and has 15 related patents pending. Uniloc has applied its physical device recognition technical expertise into several vertical markets including: software publishing, government network access control, online banking & trading, and DVD anti-theft. For more detailed information, please visit