PHP on call: New age in software development outsourcing - professional community!

August 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
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August 07, 2007
PHP on call: New age in software development outsourcing - professional community

PHP on call, ReaSoft's outsourcing parter announces an incredible 26 time growth since it's foundation, June 18, 2006. Starting from 3 employees working in home-office/part-time it became 79 full-time web developers community just in 1 year, 12 months 365 days or 8760 hours. How can this be? The answer is very simple - professional communities tends to be in a great demand as an independent outsourcing provider.

Naturalness! 'We have never planned this business form ' - said Serge Laxo, PHP on call co-founder - 'it was neturaly born, better then it could be'. This is not very obvious, but the true is that if you plan a company, you would have investments, people, then a company. Professional community has different source - 'knowledge and practice standards' that attracts professionals, and many clients.

Reliable! 'Most projects that we have started with freelancers failed just because freelancers disappear' - said Michael Bartha (phponcall addicted client) - 'Well, maybe working on start better then working on end of the project , but when we have outsourced to phponcall, they just never fail - they said that many developers queue on, and just pass the task and all documents to another guy '

Cost effective! Paying $100 to a professional is much better paying $100 to a company that assumes at least 50% administrative cost, rent, parking, etc. Professionals work together in teams, they also bid on projects and hire marketing guys (well, thats right) but this is one time actions that never tend to be 50% of the rate. Just take more from your bucks!

Immediate! 'The very first idea was to let clients contact php programmer in their instant messenger, like aol or msn' - said Den Lukatz, PHP on call co-founder - 'I mean to contact just one but reliable and always online and available - just like… hey, PHP on call, can you do this form on my site right now - Yes. - and completed in one hour, paid after work. This was a dream, and we have made this '. Telling the truth, there was a time, when the service was not 24/7 available online, working just from home they tried to do the best and not to fail clients tasks, but nowadays - well, this idea works!

If you still do not know what to do with your web site small programming tasks - take a risk, and you will defenetly trust 1,000 hours start-up web site with professional specification and business auditors on the board without any doubt with PHP on call, new business format in IT outsourcing.