Luxury Air Jets exhibited in the annual National Business Travel Association in Boston

August 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
August 8, 2007 - Manhattan, NY - Luxury Air Jets, a premier air charter services broker, exhibited in the annual National Business Travel Association (NBTA) which took place in the Boston’s famed Convention & Exhibition Center between July 22 and 25, 2007. This is the world’s largest gathering of international business travel buyers. This was the largest and most successful in the 39-year history of the event with more than 6,200 attendees, including 1,400 travel managers, nearly 100 reporters, and more than 435 exhibitors.

Luxury Air Jets presenters demonstrated the luxury of flying on a private jet, their security associations, and the ultimate experience of flying with Luxury Air Jets.

For busy executives, flying on a private air jet, can be a big saving of time and money. Most importantly, the peace of mind they get from by-passing the long line, airport security, and possible delays is priceless.

The keynote speaker this year was General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.). Mr. Powell shared his experience as a Former Secretary of State alluding to the travel industry, especially to private aviation.

It was a message from a man outside the travel industry that offered perhaps the most important lesson about business travel. Powell cited the difficulties and unpredictability one can encounter in obtaining a visa to visit the United States or vice versa.

Powell said that business travel is an important element in making the world a better place: "We're doing a good job" fighting terrorism, “I'm confident we're more secure now than before 9/11." But, he said, "We are now starting to pay too high a price for our security, because in this new globalized world, people have choices…”

Rodney Kadymir, Luxury Air Jets’ Managing Director said to us: “At the NBTA, we formed alliances with organizations that expedite visa procedures and with a company that provides immediate travel alerts all over the world.” The reason, said Kadymir is because “We are determined to make the Full Luxury Jet Experience just that – provide our clients with a one-stop-shop of by-passing commercial aviation.”

General Powell said he doesn’t normally miss anything in his past. He does, however, really miss having his own private jet!

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