— Online Resource For Young Women with Chronic Illness — Wins Two Awards

August 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(Chicago) –, an irreverent online support resource for young women with chronic illness, received awards this past week from two Web sites: and

"Winning two awards in one week is deeply gratifying," said founder Jenni Prokopy. "ChronicBabe just turned two years old, and these awards are the frosting on our very tasty birthday cake. We're proud to be considered such a valuable resource for young women trying to live well in spite of chronic illness.

On August 1, The HealthCentral Network, Inc. ( presented ChronicBabe with "The Best of 2007" award, recognizing the site as one of its Top Ten Chronic Pain Web Sites of the year. (For a full list of winners, visit

Bill Allman, general manager and chief content-creative officer of HealthCentral, said, "The amazing, innovative, fun work that Jenni and the rest of the staff are doing at ChronicBabe is a breath of fresh air for the pain community. We couldn't think of any destination more deserving of a HealthCentral Top Site Award: ChronicBabe not only engages and aids people living with chronic illness, it also advances the public understanding of these diseases and the 'Babes' who live with them."

The HealthCentral awards program was created to recognize "the best Web sites and blogs dedicated to educating and supporting individuals living with specific conditions and diseases and fostering the online community," according to organizers. To see a full list of HealthCentral's Top Sites, visit

On August 5, IBS Tales presented ChronicBabe with one of its "Hope Awards 2007," designed to help people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) find helpful online resources.

The awards were given to "Web sites that offer positive support and encouragement to anyone suffering from a chronic medical problem," according to organizers, who explained further: "In particular, the awards recognize sites that offer accurate information and resources for patients, encourage sufferers to search for new treatments and hope, and refuse to accept inadequate medical advice and doctors who tell us to 'learn to live with it'!"

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Founded in 2005, ChronicBabe's mission is to empower young women with chronic illness to take charge and live their lives to the fullest—as Babes!

Editors: For more information, email Jenni Prokopy or call us at 773.935.9246. Thanks!