Now parents can identify and nurture children’s multiple talents

August 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New York, August 10, 2007. The Little Talentum educational program, taking a concept designed for teachers, now gives parents the tools and techniques for developing a child's 'multiple intelligences' that are key to high scores and academic achievement.

Designed by a team of Harvard graduates, Little Talentum instructs busy parents in the effective and meaningful activities proven to engage children in exploring and nurturing their whole spectrum of intelligences.

Little Talentum program offers a unique research-based educational method to apply the multiple intelligence theory in early childhood education for 2 to 6 year-olds. The program integrates five educational approaches and best practices into cohesive and effective materials. It helps young children get ready to succeed by nurturing all their unique talents in an integrated way during their crucial early years (when it is most effective).

Because each child has a personal cognitive profile, it’s crucial to offer individualized learning using quality resources and good practices at home and at school. Multiple Intelligences Theory provides the framework and Little Talentum provides the implementation. Instead of focusing on intelligence-specific activities, the LT program uses seven pathways to learning: personal & social; visual arts, language & literacy, numeracy, movement, music, nature.

Each set of LT resources provides tools that let children practice using –and thus developing- certain intelligences. The collections offer materials that include children’s storybooks and related resource books for parents and for teachers. They offer a well-balanced variety of resources and assessments checklists for parents to evaluate their children’s performance.

Working with their parents, children put into practice these multiple intelligences. This process allows parents to observe child’s intellectual profile and then foster their intelligences according to their specific needs. By reading stories their children not only learn about the content but they learn to understand a plot, to develop critical thinking, expand their vocabulary, and much more.

Specially designed for the LT Program, Bob the Brush, Patsy the Pencil, Leo the Line and Crazer the Eraser guide children into the amazing world of learning through the stories and come to life within the activities.

The materials are available online at, and will soon be available at retailers. Check the website for more information.

About Little Talentum: LT is an educational company, dedicated to promoting excellence in early childhood education. LT offers a unique educational method based on multiple intelligences. It helps young children get ready to succeed by nurturing their unique talents in an integrated way during their crucial early years [when it is most effective].