The Slaughter Of the Internet Marketing Lambs Course Hit The Road

August 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
IASI, RO - August 11, 2007 — The Internet Marketing Profits
Center, Inc. (
announced today the launch of their new online marketing course
called "The Slaughter Of the Internet Marketing Lambs".

To become successful in any business you must be proficient at
marketing your services and products and have the knack for
drawing potential customers to you. Internet marketing for online
business is just as demanding of your creativity as traditional
marketing for bricks and mortar businesses.

Marketing is such an essential need for all aspiring business
owners, and Internet marketing for online business is only as
good as the research and brain power you, the owner, put into it.

"Internet marketing for online business is dangerous and tricky
if you have no experience at all," says Valeriu Popescu, the
owner of The Internet Marketing Profits Center and writer of this
online course. Popescu has nearly 14 years of experience in the
work field and the latest 8 years as a successful online business

"The problem most people have with an Internet home business is
learning how to optimise their time and money promoting and
getting traffic. There is nothing worse then having your hopes up
for great success, then to be let down by lackluster sales and
low traffic," he continues.

"That's why I decided to 'take the bull by the horn' and wrote an
internet marketing course that every people with serious
commitments and a desire to succeed can read it and apply it."
said Valeriu.

"The Slaughter Of the Internet Marketing Lambs" (
) course is divided into 12 lessons available online. Once you
register and confirm online the participation to this course, you
will receive daily emails with links that point out to your

The course includes proven strategies to marketing your business
on the Internet. From email marketing insights to search engine
optimization, list building tips and marketing online using
blogs, nothing is left behind. RSS, eBay selling, affiliate
programs, how to use autoresponders, pay-per-click advertising,
article writing, AdSense tactics… all are covered into this

While Popescu's expertise is invaluable, he acknowledges that his
readers must practice four key elements if they want to be truly
successful online: determination, focus, discipline, and

"You don't want to create something that looks like a business,
but in fact makes no profit," says Valeriu. "When it comes to
make a living online, always try to be patient and do your
homework. The more you can learn about how do to internet
marketing right, the better your chances."

If you look around on the Internet novadays, you will find
thousands of get rich quick and work from home opportunities.
Many of these are little more than ploys to get you to part with
your hard earned money. You can avoid getting trapped in a bad
Internet home business by educating yourself. This will teach you
how to make judgments and decisions, so your choices pay off.

Making a living online is often described as an "easy" way, but
"easy" means different things to different people. Successful
online businesses, with the goal of generating large amounts of
revenue, need to put considerable efforts into planning and
executing the right business decisions in order to succeed. While
marketing online it will not be fool proof and does require some
genuine work and effort, the bottom line is that it works.

Valeriu explain: "By having access to the best information in a
convenient form, I mean right now and for free, you can slash the
learning curve. But remember: your online business may take a
while before it starts to pick up. Don't be discouraged if
revenues aren't skyrocketing right away. You must stay patient
and continue to put in the necessary time and effort."

The best way to avoid the financial sucker punch that can come
your way if you invest money scams is to find an educational
resource to help guide you. Resources found on "The Slaughter Of
the Internet Marketing Lambs" course include literally hundreds
of links to useful free and paid resources. "I've distilled all
the insights tips and resources I've used over the years into
this one, essential internet marketing course," he points out.

Also available on the course are more than 450 Megabytes of top-
notch free bonuses, available to be downloaded instantly on all

In addition, The Internet Marketing Profits Center offers a
series of regularly updated emails where you can found more
internet marketing tips and resources, plus a subscription to a
monthly e-newsletter.

About The Internet Marketing Profits Center, Inc.

Internet Marketing Profits Center is a specialized e-company that
helps hundreds of real Netpreneurs starting a new business
online. The company delivers proven tips on successful online
marketing right from the start. Its advice will make your dream
of a profitable online business a reality.

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