Subic Bay Travel & Dive Guide Released. First comprehensive Tour guide for Subic Bay. Most in-depth dive guide about subic, includes shipwreck history

August 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Encyclea Publishing has released the "Subic Bay Travel & Dive Guide" The guide provides a wealth of information on hotels, restaurants and local attractions. It also has additional historical and general information. The book is unique in that beyond the information found in traditional travel guides; this one incorporates a full dive guide. This is the most comprehensive guide and reference book ever done about Subic Bay. While once the largest US navy base outside the US, it is now a fast growing tourist destination.

The dive section alone is 90 pages of dive site information including the history of many of the ship wrecks that are now artificial reefs at Subic bay.

The author, Charles Davis, is also President of Seahorse Tours & Souvenirs.He spent many years researching the history of the ship wrecks of Subic Bay to produce the Dive section. It is Available at local bookstores through out the Philippines and at select locations around Subic Bay. International buyers can order from the Publisher web site. Bulk purchases available from the author or publisher. info about book also at and