SAP Training - now available online

August 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Michael Management Corporation just released a new suite of online SAP training courses on their website Users can now choose from a wide variety of online courses as opposed to having to go to on-site training courses.

Since adding online SAP training to its impressive menu of services, the company’s website has grown into one of the industry’s foremost training and access sites, receiving an average of over 40,000 visitors per month. The wide range of classes available through MMC’s website are much more cost- and time-efficient than the on-site training sessions offered by other companies in various locations around the country.

The most obvious savings can be seen by looking at the price tag of an average on-site training, which typically requires an investment in the thousands of dollars, versus MMC’s comparable online courses which are available for a fraction of the price. In fact, the majority of MMC’s online courses cost a mere $99.

Beyond the basic figures, the significance of savings really adds up when employee training costs are calculated. By enabling SAP training to take place through an online venue, travel expenses and loss of productivity can be avoided.

“Our online training systems offer convenience without sacrifice,” says Thomas Michael, MMC’s founder and President/CEO. “MMC’s self-study, self-paced sessions have been created by SAP professionals with decades of hands-on consulting experience.”

In addition, MMC’s online training also offers students the opportunity to immediately gain practical application of the skills they have just learned. The company’s website features access to several live SAP systems where interactive learning can continue after course completion.

From a managerial point of view, utilizing MMC’s e-learning system is a bright idea. By reducing the cost of investment in employee training, overhead is minimized and greater productivity and profitability can be gained from the company’s SAP system.

Online SAP training such as MMC’s is also a better fit for most employees, since it offers more flexibility and freedom of learning. The interactive SAP practice system affords each student greater opportunity to become comfortable in the SAP environment while becoming an even more valuable asset to the company.