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August 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Hanu Software is a global IT consulting and services provider, with corporate business offices located in Princeton, New Jersey and Offshore Software Development center located in Gurgaon, India. Hanu Software offers a wide range of services including business process outsourcing, onsite technical consulting, offshore software development, and product lifecycle management. By combining the domain expertise with the low cost offshore software development, our Offshore Delivery Model delivers enhanced productivity, a cost savings of up to 45%, and faster time to market.

Our performance driven solutions like E-Commerce website solutions for shopping sites, Content management system and B2B, B2C Portals for our clients. Experience of working with clients in US and UK, ability to quickly understand your needs, Flexible project cost options - Fixed price OR Hourly Price, Completion of project within given timeframe and budget. A talent pool of professionals in varied domains, Proven quality-aware and process-driven implementation models, Flexibility and resources for a medium size and large size organizations, Microsoft Certified Professionals, PHP - Zend Certified Professionals, Excellent communication infrastructure and skills.
The Hanu Software development teams have the ability to understand the business processes and record them using our own Software Requirement Specification template by utilizing the end user interview process. Once the requirements are defined, they get passed to an independent inspection team for detailed review.
Here are some of the practices used by our development team:
Component Reusability
Nightly build and Smoke test
Change control board
Top 10 Risk list

Now, when you face insistent needs to start a new IT development project, without a doubt, the most significant thing you can get wrong in running a project development is to mess up the requirements. Get this wrong, and every thing you do after that is doomed. Information needs right effort in gathering, documenting, agreeing and keeping to requirements. We at Hanu, make sure that, we offer you higher quality services at a lower cost. This makes the advantages of IT outsourcing development obvious. We provide both end-to-end solutions - from requirements gathering to application maintenance - and specific design and development expertise. We're the expert users of various software platforms such as Visual Studio (.NET){ we operate .net CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE to deliver unmated quality), Visual Age (Java Development tool from IBM), etc. Our teams employ industry standard tools, such as Rational Rose and Designer 2000, and techniques during the software development life cycle. So, when you outsource Offshore Software Development Company India to an outside company, you can concentrate on your core activities.

More Information visit:
Website: http://www.hanusoftware.com
E-mail: hanuseo@hotmail.com