Consumerism and Wellness Programs are a Big Part of the Solution to the American HealthCare Crisis

August 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Knox Associates, a Las Vegas based employee benefits brokerage firm explains how consumerism and employer sponsored wellness and disease management programs are the solution to the National Healthcare "Crisis".

"The topic that is currently receiving a large portion of media attention is healthcare" explained Rick Knox, Vice President of Knox Associates "I honestly do not look at our country as having a healthcare crisis; With one out of every eight national healthcare dollars being spent on the treatment and management of diabetes (estimated at $79 billion dollars) coupled with who knows how much is being spent on the treatment and management of heart disease - both conditions having a high percentage prevention rate - I look at our country as having a "Lifestyle Crisis."

"This so called "healthcare crisis" that is being sold to the America public is just more political propaganda. I am not saying that we do not have issues with American healthcare, but the "fix" is not a single payer socialized program. A significant portion of the fix is Americans taking responsibility for their own actions and behaviors, and unfortunately a large portion of Washington Politicians do not believe in the American People." explained Knox.

Consumerism, wellness and disease management programs start at the employer level. Consumerism is defined as anytime the insured/employee has a choice. The best example of how this works is with prescription drugs. Health insurance carriers are providing more and more information on drug pricing and drug alternatives. When the consumer sees the true cost of prescription drugs they are more likely to try a lower priced alternative or generic option. When the alternative drug is successful in treating their ailment - the consumer wins by saving money. In the more traditional co-pay type health plans, the consumer has zero incentive to move to a lower cost alternative and the drug companies win.

With wellness and disease management, the employer implements a program that provides incentives for the employee to visit a doctor for annual check-up's and take Health Risk Assessments (HRA's). Those employees who are at risk would then enroll in disease management programs through a Health Coach in order to better his/her lifestyle. Taking Type II Diabetes as an example, an employee would work with the coach (usually a registered nurse) to implement a diet and exercise program that would help the employee manage their condition. Through early detection and diagnosis we prevent those large dollar claims that are causing our healthcare spending to spiral out of control.

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