'Canadian Corporation Offers Help to American Smokers Trying to Quit' 'U.S. Product Launch to Target Beauty Salons, Spas and Health Clubs'

August 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Paradise Promotions Ltd., a Canadian corporation based in Huntsville, Ontario, manufactures and distributes a government approved herbal-based, smoking cessation aid across Canada. The company is preparing to launch the medicine into the United States marketplace.

Considered as an over the counter, non-prescription medicine, it is the first of its kind to be introduced into the United States. BUTTitOUT as it is called, is non-nicotine based, non-addictive, chemical free and has no known side effects. In oral capsule form, it is convenient and easy to use: the user takes 3 capsules daily for 30 days.

BUTTitOUT is the only quit smoking aid approved for use by children and teens 12 years of age and up. Teenagers cannot purchase nicotine replacement products in the U.S. as their sale is prohibited to persons under the age of 18. Statistics say that 80% of teen smokers have tried unsuccessfully to quit using the 'cold turkey' method. One out of two teens that continue to smoke, will die from it.

How it Works: BUTTitOUT helps the user by easing tough withdrawal symptoms and reducing the desire to smoke. The active ingredient is lobelia inflata and it actually blocks nicotine from reaching the brain's nicotine receptors, where the nicotine high comes from. Scientists have proven that nicotine affects the brain and it is here where nicotine must be beaten. Lobelia is also recognized as an appetite suppressant; good news for those people who are concerned about weight gain when they quit smoking.

Says Mr. Larry Kunkel, developer of the BUTTitOUT smoking deterrent, "At present this medicine is available to U.S. consumers through our secure webstore at ButtitOut.com. Within the next few months we are hoping to have dozens of independent distributors working exclusive territories across the U.S. supplying beauty salons, barber shops, health spas and other retailers with this medicine."

Adds Mr. Kunkel, "This pure and all natural product is a government registered traditional herbal remedy derived from natural plant sources.. While nothing is more important than the smoker's commitment to break the nicotine habit, BUTTitOUT helps the quitter - safely, effectively, gently and naturally."

The retail cost of a 30 day supply is only $29.95. It is much less expensive than the nicotine replacement products, with many more benefits to the user.

About Paradise Promotions Ltd.

Mr. Kunkel, the President of Paradise Promotions Ltd. created Canada's first all natural smoking cessation medicine approved by Health Canada. He single-handedly developed this life-saving medicine and has been nominated for the Order of British Columba; the Manning Awards in Scientific Innovation as well as having the product's television commercial being nominated for a Bessy Award in commercial excellence. He is also a U.S. Patent Holder and owner of numerous Trade Marks. Most importantly, he has helped tens of thousands of smokers to finally quit the habit. (Corporate Website: Buttitout.com)