Pbxeq: Create a Clearer Environment with OctWare’s SoftEcho Echo Cancellation

August 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Canton, Mi – August 14, 2007 – In cooperation with OctWare, makers of SoftEcho Echo Cancellation software, Pbxeq makes it easier for their customers to integrate SoftEcho echo cancellation application to their Zapmicro analog interface cards as well as other asterisk compatible hardware.

Octware, An Octasic Company, conceptualized the SoftEcho application for achieving the optimum quality of voice in conversations among parties. Can be used to simplify and hold offshore one-on-one interviews and/or inter-office conference calls, the SoftEcho application promises to deliver the best possible voice quality with the unnecessary noise and unwanted echo.

Zapmicro analog and digital interface cards assure its users of compatibility with other labels and are engineered to operate fully with the Asterisk platform and other communication platforms. Zapmicro 4-port and 8-port analog card series equipped with OctWare’s SoftEcho application guarantees ease of installation and integration to every user’s IP PBX system.

Pbxeq not only delivers Zapmicro single port, 4-port, and 8-port analog interface cards equipped with OctWare’s SoftEcho Echo Cancellation as well as various VoIP equipments but also unsurpassed customer service.


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