Waterfall Reinforces its Status as the First Choice for Protection of SCADA Systems

August 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Waterfall Solutions, a developer of advanced information security solutions based on unidirectional data transfer technology preventing data leakage and protecting network infrastructures, is currently completing two strategically important implementations of its security solutions in leading Israeli Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) entities. The implementations in the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company (EAPC) establish Waterfall Solutions as the ideal choice for protecting SCADA systems. The Waterfall security solutions have been implemented in critical organizations and entities for several years already, through Gita Technologies. However, having changed its business strategy, Waterfall Solutions is now operating as an independent company, identifying new markets. The Ludan Engineering Company carried out the adaptations and integration in the IEC project.

Waterfall’s security solution meets high standards and unique criteria for data protection. Use of Waterfall Solutions’ technology prevents the possibility of the critical infrastructure’s sensitive Control Network being attacked. This protection is achieved without impairing the necessary connectivity with business and data systems on the administrative network. The solution is based on unique hardware elements, combined with a variety of software applications, which are suitable for a wide range of information security requirements and regulations.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Dada Acquisition) systems are designated Command and Control systems which serve CNI entities in areas such as electricity, water, natural gas, oil, communication, etc. Data in these systems is typically transmitted from sensors and actuators deployed in various geographical locations to controllers and from there relayed to the command center. While the threats to SCADA systems are diverse, Waterfall’s protection provides a safe and comprehensive solution to the problem of connectivity between various networks, accounting for all the variety of dangers.

VP Business Development in Waterfall and Gita, Dr. Oren Eytan: “The variety of threats information security administrators in “regular” organizations face is significantly smaller than that which troubles information security administrators in CNI entities, which influence all of our lives on a daily basis. The Waterfall based solution enables operational and business continuity with complete prevention of any attempt to penetrate the sensitive network. The two projects in the IEC and EAPC attest to the importance attributed by the CNI sector to the value of our technological solution for SCADA networks.

About Waterfall Solutions
Waterfall Solutions is a spinoff of Gita Technologies. The company was founded in 2006 and develops advanced information security solutions based on unidirectional data transfer technology, preventing data leakage and protecting network infrastructures. The company is located in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel. The company’s website is