Finervista Inc. launches a new vertical-search Website for online business events, webcasts, and seminars

August 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco – August 14, 2007 - Following a successful Beta, Finervista Inc. today launched a new vertical-search Website for online business events, webcasts, and seminars, also known as webinars. As such, is a free educational resource for business professionals and a highly-targeted lead-generating platform for business advertisers.

With over 10,000 live and recorded events in its searchable index, Finervista has become an ideal place for busy business professionals to get up to speed quickly, on demand, on virtually any business subject to keep up one’s “professional net worth” – all from the convenience and privacy of a person’s office or home.

We are very pleased with how the Finervista concept was received by our Beta users, said Felix Litman, Finervista’s founder and CEO. “Our Beta users loved the idea of such convenient single-search access to thousands of interactive educational and training webinar resources.”

Online seminars and webinars by vendors and subject-matter experts have become a great free educational resource for business professionals. Thousands of such webcasts and webinars are conducted every year by hundreds of companies. Such webcasts are mostly one-hour long and on topics that cover virtually all aspects of business. They are free and convenient for business people to attend right from the Web browser, and often present a unique opportunity to interact directly with important subject-matter experts.

But until now, no single convenient way existed for business professionals to find just the right webcast or webinar quickly. Finervista has filled the gap by providing such service in a familiar web-search metaphor and that is focused exclusively on business web events and seminars.

“We are doing for business web seminars what has done for job search, and has done for travel search”, said Felix Litman. “And we are following a similar advertiser-sponsored business model.”

Finervista is powered by some of the latest web search technology, including Lucene™ open-source search engine, and presents a very simple and familiar Web search-engine interface to the user.

With Finervista, users simply enter a search word or a phrase just as they would in any general-purpose Web search engine they may already be familiar with. And Finervista then quickly delivers highly focused and relevant list of webinars, incorporating not only the subject relevancy, but also how recent the event is.

Finervista users can search for both live and pre-recorded events and refine the search results in a variety of convenient ways.

To advertisers, Finervista offers a powerful targeted platform to reach business audience and attract relevant attendees to lead-generating Webinars. Finervista also offers advertisers additional Webinar-promotion and lead-generation services.

About Finervista

Finervista, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in San Francisco, Ca. Its CEO, Felix Litman has held senior product marketing management positions at leading Silicon Valley software companies such as WebEx, Siebel, and Oracle. For more information, contact Finervista by email at, or visit at