Social Networking Website Unites Internet Advertising and Charities for Donate 2.0 Search Engine

August 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
David Olmstead has a passion for helping charities, and he has found a way to do that by creating a web site that helps businesses advertise while people use services they enjoy.

Social networking websites have grown rapidly in popularity, and now people who love to use blogs, dating , personals, prayer, employment, and sites like MySpace are able to participate in those same Internet activities and benefit their favorite charities at the same time.

Businesses need to advertise to generate Internet traffic, and now Internet advertising will generate much-needed donations for many worthy charities, all thanks to the creation of Olmstead.

Olmstead has found a need and filled it – the formula for business success. His social networking site enables businesses to obtain the Internet advertising they need, and at the same time help many charities. Simultaneously the public can use the many web services they enjoy while helping their favorite worthy cause.

Kajoobles is an interactive website taking the Web 2.0 idea to a new level, where people and businesses can come together to help over 100 charities. When they contribute money to charities they are rewarded by doing what they enjoy, such as communicate to other members, post blogs, write news and prayers to the world, and comment on news and answer prayers.

“It can be used as an online dating site like, or a just to find friends like MySpace. People who donate can use it how they want. The possibilities can be endless. It is highly interactive and the more a person donates, the higher they rank on search results on the site,” explained Olmstead.

Olmstead said he used the Web 2.0 concept inspired him to create what he calls “Donate 2.0.” He named it ( ) rather than Donate 2.0 because it is a catchy name and there is more to do on the site than just donate.

“We are hoping that millions of dollars are given to charities on a monthly basis with the new idea of Donate 2.0,” said Olmstead. You will get detailed information at