TM4B Adds Customisable Sender ID to Business Class Messages

June 09, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Text-Messaging for Business ( announced that it is now offering its clients the ability to customise the sender ID of text-messages sent through their Business Class route - until now, this was only possible via First Class.

The sender ID of text-messages, technically known as the 'originator', is an 11 alpha-numeric string (or 16 numeric string) of characters that is sent along with each text-message, whose purpose is to identify who/where the text-message has come from.

In person-to-person (P2P) messaging, the originator is automatically set as the sender's mobile phone, so if his/her phone number is stored on the receiving phone, its inbox automatically displays the name under which it has been saved.

"We've always understood the benefits that a customised sender ID can bring our clients", says Fahed Bizzari (TM4B's MD). "A sender ID reflecting the organisation's name, for example, strengthens its brand, impresses potential clients and gives reassurance that its text-messages are official. Furthermore, if a mobile phone number is used, bulk messages seem more personal and makes easier for recipients to text-back if need be."

Since the inception of TM4B, the ability to customise the sender ID has been possible with First Class messages and the customisation would take place at the time of each broadcast (i.e. dynamic). Business Class messages, on the other hand, would be sent using a random string of numbers.

TM4B is now offering its clients the ability to customise Business Class messages as well. However, unlike First Class messages, customised originators must be purchased well-beforehand and allocated to individual accounts.

"Even if our clients don't want to purchase one or more static originators", says Fahed, "they are free to use '' or a pre-defined string of numbers instead."