True Convenience Hits The Energy Drink Category: Energy Shots and Energy Drink in Capsule Form

August 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
. Indianapolis-based DMD Pharmaceuticals has made strong in-roads into energy drink products that offer distinct convenience advantages.

With a product category that’s approaching four billion dollars a year in annual sales, it’s clear that Energy Drinks are now part of the consumer mindset. But one Indianapolis-based company is moving the energy drink category into even more convenient, consumer-friendly alternatives, with 2 fl oz energy shots and energy drinks in capsule form.

“It’s important to understand that the ingredients in our energy drink capsules and in our new energy shots – such as caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and B-vitamins - are the same proven energy boosting ingredients that are found in popular energy drink brands,” said Riddle. “The difference here is the value, convenience and ease in which an energy drink capsule or energy shot can be both carried and consumed.”

PEPTIME® Xtreme T™ and EPHRINE Plus® Energy Drink Formula are each available in convenient capsule form. The easy-to-swallow capsules promise the nutritional value of B-Vitamins and other key ingredients as energy boosters, with the convenience and portability of capsules that can be tucked into a purse or pocket with ease.

As for EPHRINE Plus® Energy Shot, it is a convenient blend of concentrated vitamins and energizers specially formulated with energy kick in mind—with no sugar to prevent the common “crash” feeling of energy drinks. And at two fluid ounces per serving, the shot can be consumed quickly or mixed with your favorite beverage, adds Riddle.

“Imagine trying to carry a four-pack of Red Bull with you throughout the day, and you’ll quickly see why we’re trying to give consumers similar energy-boosting supplements in forms that meet the needs of their truly busy lifestyles.” Riddle said. “Energy drinks in a capsule and energy shots answer the demand for even more convenience.”

DMD is one of the leading marketers of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements with distribution in more than 50,000 convenience stores nationwide. The Peptime® family of energizers and other leading DMD dietary supplement brands include EPHRINE Plus® High Energy, Ultra EPHRINE Plus®, Peptime Mini-White®, Magnum 357, and Ginseng Vita Blitz®.

Dave Riddle
DMD® Pharmaceuticals
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