Technological advance increases energy efficiency of Flash Drive devices by as much as 231%.

August 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Flash Drive technology has been exploding this past year and the design and manufacturing house Flash Drive Direct has taken advantage of this increased speed of transfer rate to be able to gain much greater energy efficiency’s in their line of flash drives.

The new technology has produced an increase in energy savings of as much as 231% for the transfer of the same amount of data for the proprietary Flash Drive Direct drives over OEM drives.
“Despite huge fluctuations in the market availability of drive components and price jumps of as much as 200% in a month this technological breakthrough is the really noteworthy milestone in flash drive news” states John Graham director of North American based Flash Drive Direct (FlashDriveDirect).
The majority of usage for Flash Drives is the transfer of data from one computer to another. Until recently the only other significant way to transfer data (outside of a network) was to burn a CD. The energy required to burn a 1-time use CD is now estimated at over 100 times that of the energy used for data transfer to a Flash Drive.
In 2007, over 1 billion 1 time use CD’s will be sold each in the US alone. Compare the energy savings between the Flash Drive and the CD (given the flash drives unlimited re-usages) business could see savings of many millions of kilowatt-hours per year.
Spokesperson for Flash Drive Direct, John Graham, goes on to say “Company’s are demanding more environmental awareness in their corporate culture. When purchasing either their promotional products or office supplies they are demanding more eco friendly products. I believe that when business’s understand the environmental impact reduction derived from the new technology that Flash Drive Direct offers it will compel business to seek demand this technological advance.”

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