Healing Circle as Ohana

August 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The Distant Reiki Healing Circle at johreiki.net is a little different than most. Among the thousands of Reiki sites on the web, there are numerous "Healing Circles" — in which Reiki practitioners give Reiki to people, on request. Reiki is a subtle, biological energy, which can be directed over any distance. It brings about natural healing, and is commonly applied to any sort of illness. But, at johreiki.net, the Healing Circle has become a great big ohana: extended family.

Here, everyone who requests Reiki will receive it every hour, day and night, 24/7 — as long as the Healing Circle exists! "The only time we stop giving Reiki," says Don Beckett, the creator of johreiki.net, "is if a person asks us to stop." The number of people who have requested that, he says, can be counted on one hand — with some fingers left over. And people are encouraged to receive Reiki, whether or not they have any definable "sickness".

"Reiki is a magnificent way of awakening us to our Real Self," Beckett says, "a way of activating our own Source-energy, which is naturally within us. This brings about all kinds of beneficial changes, leading us eventually to the ultimate goal of Self-realization."

This whole paradigm is a bit different than the way Reiki is generally perceived. Many people see it only as a remedy for a diagnosed illness; hence, to be given only for a limited time. And the general connotation of "giving Reiki" is that it's an external energy, applied from outside us. The intent of Mr. Beckett and his fellow volunteers, though, is to open the Source-dimension within each Reiki recipient, allowing the person's own Source-energy to fill and heal and transform the person.

Beckett says the response to this Healing-Circle-as-Ohana has been great, not only the number of people requesting Reiki, but the number of volunteers as well. Since converting a more-conventional Healing Circle to the new Ohana model in mid-June, johreiki.net has received over 200 requests for Reiki (in addition to the 100-plus recipients that have been carried over from the previous list). "We're going to have a very big, worldwide family," says Beckett. "There's hardly any limit to how big it can get."

On his johreiki.net website, Beckett offers a great deal of information about Reiki, Johrei, Macrobiotics, and other things. His ebook trilogy, An Exploration of Usui Reiki and Beyond, is available there — and his latest project, just beginning, is a new website, reiju.net. Beckett lives in Hilo, Hawai'i.