THE TICKET to success in sports – SPEED

July 26, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
In a major new study, researchers made the discovery that two tests have the ability to predict success in NCAA college football, the 40 yard sprint and the shuttle run.

Researchers took 46 NCAA Division I college football players and looked at the physical characteristics of height, weight, percentage of body fat and hamstring length, strength measurements in the bench press and hang clean, and three functional measures40 yard sprint, shuttle run (sometimes called the "5-10-5') and the vertical jump.

The researchers conclude that there are "clear prediction models' for the 40 yard sprint and the shuttle run to predict athletic performance. (Physical Characteristics That Predict Functional Performance in Division I College Football Players, 2004, Davis).

Even before this research, sports writers have come to the same conclusion, "Everyone is driving in the fast lane in the NFL, where the dominant factor at every position - and in every matchup - is speed, speed and more speed." Matt Crossman, (The Zoom Boom, 2003, August, 25 Sporting News)

"Speed is a skill, and a skill that can be learned,' says Phil Campbell, 51, author and speed coach who is scheduled to conduct a Speed Camp at the Reikes Center in Menlo Park, Saturday August 1 - 3, for athletes of all ages.

During the Speed Camp, participants will learn the "combine start' and the "Valsalva acceleration technique' designed to improve that all important 40 yard sprint time, which is now shown by researchers to be a predictor in athletic performance.

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