The Alternative to Broadband Connection: Cheaper and more mobile

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
London, August, 2007 (Emergency Internet): According to an online survey in the UK, a fast dial-up connection is getting very popular with people on holiday or business trips, as it is a handy emergency backup to a fixed broadband connection. Furthermore, dial-up requires no additional infrastructure on top of the telephone network. As telephone points are available throughout the world, dial-up remains useful to travellers as they provide an instant back-up connection anytime, anywhere. It is also anonymous since it requires no sign-up settings and no personal details.

Fast dial-up connections could be the alternative to the broadband connection. Moreover, modern dial-up modems can reach a speed up to a range of 50 kbit/s. When you are far away from your home, or at a friend's place or when your normal connection is unavailable and you need emergency access to the Internet, simple instant and fool-proof dial-up connection could be the good Samaritan that comes to your rescue.

Among the many ISP players in the widening Internet market user-segment, Emergency Internet is giving its modem and ISDN users free, fast and reliable dial-up Internet connection. You can get Web access without monthly fees or charges or signup requirements. One just has to pay local dial-up call charges. This is as economical as it gets. Fast dial-up connection also seems to be a very feasible option for small organisations.

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