Step by Step Tutorials Help You Master Adobe Photoshop

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The new site at is designed to give photoshop beginners and advanced photoshop user the chance to learn photoshop within minutes, by using Interactive video tutorials, which will help them achieve the basics and advanced
techniques in photoshop.

According to David Peters, of
Edit Your Digital Photos provides you with the correct resources, strategies, and articles, for you to succeed in mastering photoshop.

This amazing program can be overpowering and exasperating for new graphic artists and photographers just starting out, but
it doesn’t have to be.

The main mistake many newbie Photoshop users make is that they try to learn everything about Photoshop from a manual or book, which as we all know can be a task in it's self, as opposed to learning
by doing specific tasks.

That is why David Peters recommends interactive tutorials for learning Photoshop. This is because the user will learn instantly from the video tutorials, and if they have any problems, they can
just replay the videos until they understand.

By learning from tutorials it allows the persons knowledge of photoshop to grow over time, and become easier.

There are Four main sections on
website which can help to find any photoshop information you
need. These include:

Online Video Tutorials:
This is where you will find all the latest online photoshop tutorials
which is constantly being updated with new tutorials everyday.

Visitors to the photoshop article section will find all the latest information, tips and resource about photoshop.

Ezine Newsletter: ezine ensures subscribers receive
timely updates on photoshop, and monthly photoshop video tutorial offers.

Photoshop Blog:
This is updated most days giving you all the very latest photoshop news, tips and tutorials.

Edit Your Digital Photos is very committed to helping you understand
and learn the basic's and advanced methods of photoshop.
For more information on learning Photoshop visit: