Doctor Web, Ltd announces special prices for users of SafeSquid

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
You can now use ICAP-based (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) latest virus defense technology, irrespective of the size and nature of your business.

Doctor Web, Ltd. has announced a technical and commercial partnership with Mumbai based Indian software company - Office Efficiencies (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd - OEIPL.

ICAP based anti-virus software can be optionally installed on an independent computer system (anti-virus Server) on the network while network-based enterprise-wide services are delivered from another computer system or clusters. This architecture is very easy to maintain, because the security administrators have to install and update Anti-virus software on only one computer system in the entire network.

Very few enterprise-class Internet Security Software have the capability of reliably connecting to ICAP based network-services, because it requires the applications to be very fast. Manish Kochar, the CEO of OEIPL revealed, "SafeSquid's multi-threaded architecture makes it arguably the fastest content filtering software. SafeSquid has been specially designed to handle very high traffic, and is therefore commonly used on clusters. The capability of universally connecting to ICAP based network-services has therefore been a legacy feature in SafeSquid."

Dr.Web is one of the market-leading enterprise-class brands. With Dr.Web the customers can extend their services, enhance their value, and create significant recurring revenue opportunities. The end result is increased security, policy compliance and significant ongoing cost savings. You can now use ICAP protected with the award-winning Dr.Web anti-virus technology, irrespective of the size and nature of your business.

OEIPL is world known for its Content Filtering Internet Proxy - SafeSquid. "We built the ICAP capability into the first proto-type of SafeSquid three years ago, the rest of the world should very soon catch up!", said Manish Kochar. "But the problem's, very few anti-virus software companies offer ICAP-based virus defense, even today. And that too, only as a part of their most high-value products, thus making it a very expensive technology. Dr Web, the global leader in virus defense technologies, is a technology pioneer, and offers excellent ICAP-based anti-virus software solutions. We tested the overall performance of using SafeSquid with Dr. Web's ICAP-based anti-virus and are quite sure that the users are going to love it!"

Boris Sharov, CEO of Doctor Web, Ltd., was hopeful, that this should increase the general public awareness about the technology and its advantages, compared to legacy software. "With increasing number of networks opting for ICAP-based anti-virus it should encourage other developers of key enterprise applications to provide ICAP connectivity", said Mr Sharov, "Imagine networks - that have just an ICAP-based anti-virus server that serves entire clusters of Internet Servers like Proxy Servers & e-mail servers. It would reduce the TCO for network security, so drastically! We have waited for years, to see robust and powerful solutions like SafeSquid that can really use such cutting-edge technologies".

"Security, load bearing capacity, speed and reliability have always been SafeSquid's key USPs. SafeSquid has a wide range of filters, prevents abuse of Internet resources that can waste bandwidth resources or productivity losses. SafeSquid is therefore popularly used to distribute Internet access across large enterprises in adherence to Corporate Internet Access Policies. SafeSquid supports the use of a variety of anti-virus technologies, to virus-scan the content before it reaches the users desktops. Using ICAP-based software or services makes it extremely efficient. But unfortunately very few of our customers could afford the technology. All that's now set to change!", added Sudipta Ghosh, OEIPL's International Sales Manager.

"OEIPL had recently released a new Edition of SafeSquid, SafeSquid Composite Edition", said Sachin Purohit, OEIPL's Chief Business Manager for SafeSquid, "which is free of charge for small networks that have less than 20 users. This had made SafeSquid an almost natural choice and caused a lot of excitement amongst even small networks and businesses. We have hundreds of people downloading the software every month from our web-site. This edition also supports the ICAP virus scanning technologies. Now, Dr. Web has added music to the party by offering it's latest technology at reduced prices for SafeSquid users. We will now offer Dr. Web's products from our web-site, and also provide the necessary technical assistance to smoothly implement and use it."

About Doctor Web, Ltd.
Dr.Web Anti-virus technology has been developed since 1992 and in 2003 the author of Dr.Web founded the new company to concentrate on the development of the anti-viruses marked Dr. Web headquartered in Moscow, Russia with R&D and product development lab in St. Petersburg. More than 100 employees take pride in delivering the best products & services to a variety of customers from individuals, universities and corporations alike. Doctor Web, Ltd.'s products supply 'corporate-strength' protection against all major internet security threats. It also provides comprehensive anti-spyware and anti-spam tools.
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About Office Efficiencies (India) Private Limited
Office Efficiencies (India) Pvt. Ltd. (OEIPL) was founded in 1993, in India - an extremely price and value sensitive market for IT.

OEIPL's customers have always depended upon it, to produce innovative solutions that help to harness the potentials of new technologies and infrastructure; make it possible to keep driving down the Total Cost of Ownership for its customers; drive down the cost of sales and after-sales support.

OEIPL always freely distributes a version of it's software. OEIPL believes that the feedback generated by such distribution helps in creating better products.
OEIPL produces and maintains a number of security products, including SafeSquid: Content Filtering Internet Proxy, which is now it's flagship project.

OEIPL directly serves a variety of customers from diverse segments like finance, government, education institutions, various ISPs, corporate, and even small-sized business establishments.

OEIPL's speciality is creating "Profiled Internet Access". OEIPL built SafeSquid to provide a cost-effective distribution of Secured Internet Access, and safeguard their Internet resources from virus, spyware, malware and other malicious contents and distribute a "profiled" internet access.

OEIPL has a global chain of partners to design and implement Gateway level solutions, that allows it to deliver solutions effectively world-wide.
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