New Style of Entrepreneurial Addiction Recovery Centers Becoming Main Stream

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(Austin, TX) In the past, high-priced clinical drug and alcohol treatment centers driven by big insurance payouts dominated the market. But according to Treatment Magazine, a leading publication with its finger on the pulse of the industry, drug and alcohol rehab centers started by passionate entrepreneurs with unique approaches to recovery are gaining the lion's share of the market.

Featured on the August edition's cover is entrepreneur Mark Houston, president of the Austin Texas area Mark Houston Recovery Center ( In sharp contrast to corporate scale treatment centers that Treatment Magazine calls "cookie cutter" in approach, Mark Houston's program was designed based on Houston's own years of working in the professional recovery field along with his own personal journey to recovery.

Unlike shorter term programs that teach residents the principles of the 12-step program, Houston's program gives men the time necessary to live out and practice the teachings of the program in a safe environment.

Additionally, Houston has designed the program to address the issues that he personally faced throughout his years of recovery, programs that tend to be lacking in clinical treatment centers such as:

- Leadership skills
- Financial sanity
- Fitness program and systematic exercise - Nutrition
- Hygiene
- Organizational skills
- Goal setting

It is for this reason among others that Treatment Magazine says more and more families are choosing entrepreneurial run drug and alcohol rehab centers verses or in addition to their corporate counterparts. When it celebrated its one year anniversary just last month, the Mark Houston Recovery Center had already almost doubled its bed capacity from 25 to 40 beds to address the demand.

Mark Houston's programs are driven less by profits and more by a curriculum that helps residents achieve a life of permanent sobriety. The Center's alcohol and drug rehab program lasts three full months, a full two months longer than most clinical treatment center programs, yet costs about the same. Houston says this longer continuum of care is quite critical to their plan for delivering strong outcomes.

The Mark Houston Recovery Center is a gender-specific alcohol and drug relapse prevention center catering to men who have been through a clinical treatment center and have relapsed or are in need of a longer continuum of care.

About The Mark Houston Recovery Center: The Mark Houston Recovery Center is a Texas drug and alcohol recovery center located outside of Austin that offers a 90-day program for males designed around the principals of the traditional 12 steps to recovery. The Mark Houston Recovery Center has played an active role in the addiction education by partnering with law enforcement agencies and universities with a series of downloadable materials. These materials can be downloaded in PDF form from the Center's website at