Raleigh NC Pest Control Co Launches Bedbug Removal Plan Following Surge in Bedbug Infestations

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(Raleigh, NC) Though bedbugs have mainly existed only in popular children’s bedtime rhymes for the past several decades, Raleigh pest control company CEO Donnie Shelton says the pest’s population has exploded in the Raleigh area over the past three months.

“In the past, we might get one call a month about bedbugs, but over the past 3 months the number has shot up drastically. First it was one call, then 3 then 10, and last month we received a total of 15 calls from local residents complaining about bedbugs,” says Shelton, CEO of Triangle Pest Control (http://www.trianglepest.com).

According to Shelton, there are several possible reasons why the problem has become so prominent so quickly. “Many Pest Control Operators have gotten away from base board spraying in recent years. This combined with the ban of DDT makes this particular pest very difficult to exterminate.”

Shelton says that unlike other pests, bedbugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. The pests, which live in mattresses and feed on human blood, can survive for up to 18 months without a meal. Additionally, they can and will move beyond the mattress and into clothing and other fabrics. “The most effective way get rid of them is to install mattress encasements, followed by several intense treatments by a professional pest control company,” says Shelton.

In response to the surge of bedbug extermination calls, the Triangle Pest Control team went to work to devise what they call the most effective system of bedbug treatment offered in the pest control industry.

The bedbug removal process requires between 3 and 5 visits by an extermination team and requires the use of a highly specialized mattress encasement that must be kept on for at least 18 months. “There really are only two feasible options for eliminating bedbugs, either spend hundreds or thousands on a new mattress, or a couple hundred dollars on the treatment,” Shelton says.

He warns that purchasing a new mattress may not even stop the persistent bedbugs. As part of the extermination process, Triangle Pest Control requires residents to wash and dry every article of clothing, draperies, and other fabrics in a high temperature environment.

To inquire about the signs of bedbugs or about bedbug extermination service, contact Triangle Pest Control at 919-552-1548.

About Triangle Pest Control: Triangle Pest control (http://www.trianglepest.com) is a Raleigh pest control extermination company specializing in an integrated pest management process that includes both elimination and prevention. The company has a firm commitment to working only with materials that have proven safe for families, children, and pets and is ranked #1 in customer service among Raleigh pest control exterminators.