Top YouTube Guitar Teacher Develops New Software To Slow Down Video

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Mike Herberts, a guitar teacher and one of the most popular YouTube music teachers has developed a software that slows down and loops difficult training videos. He calls it Slo-Mo Director. The first regular person's software that slows down video so anyone can learn difficult training material faster.

Mike Herberts was fast becoming a legend on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of video views and raving reviews when suddenly he made a startling discovery.

"My students were being limited in their capacity to learn how to play the guitar and I felt at fault," says Herberts.

"Watching training videos of any kind is one fantastic way to learn, but the truth is, the hand is quicker than the eyes, especially with things like playing the guitar or sports like golf or martial arts. The question then becomes, how to slow down video?"

Looking for a way to slow down videos upon the requests of his students, Herberts discovered that there really wasnât an available software tool for the regular person to use to slow down their video training material and learn faster.

In answer to this problem, Heberts developed a piece of software that actually slows down and loops video files, making learning and instruction much easier. was born. Until Heberts' inception and development of the software, there was no product available on the internet that addressed this issue.

Slo-Mo Director, Heberts' software brain child was developed as a direct result of the buzz that was generated from YouTube to Herbertsâ guitar video training website. Slo-Mo Director has taken off in only a matter of days due mainly to YouTube's wide exposure and the demand for such a software.

Slo-Mo Director is quickly improving the way people learn from videos. It also helps instructors teach more efficiently by allowing their students to see a specific move or technique, repeatedly in slow motion.

Slo-Mo Director supports WMV as well as AVI file types, with more on the horizon. Not only does it slow down the videos already on itâs users computers but, now anyone can record themselves performing difficult moves or techniques and analyze their own form in slow motion.

In only a matter of days the demand for this product has increased dramatically along with massive amounts of questions. Herberts has decided to offer a limited time trial of the software for anyone who wants to use it.

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