Integra Life Sciences to Distribute InteliFUSE Shape Memory Ortho Implants in North America.

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New Orleans, LA, August 18, 2007—InteliFUSE, Inc., has awarded Integra Life Sciences, Plainsboro, New Jersey, the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distribution rights for orthopaedic extremity applications of its patented shape memory implant and activation system, it was announced today by Eugene A. “Chip” Antoine, InteliFUSE president and CEO.

Made from the alloy Nitinol, the InteliFUSE “smart” mini-implant is FDA-cleared for orthopaedic indications throughout the musculo-skeletal system, including surgeries of the foot, ankle, hand,
wrist and skull, replacing plates, screws, nails and wires. Antoine said the company expects to release new neuro-spinal products it has been developing in late 2008.

An InteliFUSER activation warmer quickly heats the implant to non-necrotic temperatures, enabling it
to apply compressive force in joining the bone fragments, which stimulates the body’s natural response
to grow bone (osteogenesis) and fuse fractures, thus defining a new example of regenerative medicine. Internal body temperature keeps the implant in its active state throughout the healing process. which is accelerated by the continuous, dynamic compression. Other benefits include less patient trauma and scarring, faster procedure times and quicker post-operative recovery.

The InteliFUSE orthopaedic implants will be marketed in sizes, gauges and designs appropriate to fixation and fusion requirements and will be sold under the AEON™ brand name by Integra’s Extremity Reconstruction Division sales organization, which includes more than 60 sales represent- atives specializing in lower and upper extremity fixation, wound repair, tendon and nerve protection.

Based on available data and the product’s applications for lower and upper extremities, Integra estimates more than one million potential procedures likely each year, with a market value of over $80 million. “We’re very pleased to introduce the AEON™ Shape Memory Implant to the orthopaedic community,” said Robert Paltridge, president of Integra’s Extremity Reconstruction Division. “Our customers will now have access to a device that offers a simple, efficient method of applying continuous, dynamic compression to promote bone fusion.”

InteliFUSE, incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in New Orleans, was founded to design, develop and market a new generation of surgical implants. “We are delighted to have concluded this agreement with Integra Life Sciences to distribute our shape memory implant and warming systems in North America,” Antoine said. He noted that his company is now engaged in exploring international distribution options for its orthopaedic products in Europe and Asia and, having acquired multiple patents and FDA clearances for
other applications of its fixation/fusion technology, is pursuing product line extensions.