BarracudaDrive — All in One Secure Advanced Remote Access

August 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Orange County, CA August 18, 2007 - David Burgess, Software Manager of
Real Time Logic (the world leader in device management software and
remote access tools), announced the availability of the second
generation BarracudaDrive advanced remote access software. Some of the
highlights of BarracudaDrive's many features are:

GetMyLAN is an advanced SSL VPN product and provides secure and easy
remote access to your company LAN. GetMyLAN is very simple to use with
nothing to configure on the remote PC. Just log on and you will access
your corporate network with up to 256-bits encryption without any of the
hassles of traditional VPN configurations.

GoToMyWebServer lets you remote control your office or home PC from
anywhere. GoToMyWebServer allows you to display a screen of another
computer and to use your keyboard and mouse to control the other
computer remotely.

Secure File Server provides secure remote access to documents and files.
The Secure File Server lets you map a standard Windows drive securely
over the Internet.

Web File Manager Server complements the Secure File Server and allows
secure and easy access to documents using a browser. The Web File
Manager Server lets you share files with your friends, customers, or
colleagues using only a browser.

BarracudaDrive is a Secure Web Server and provides a secure "hacker
safe" environment for GetMyLAN, GoToMyWebServer, the Secure File Server
and the Web File Manager. Security is our priority. All communications
are encrypted using the strongest industry standard 256 bit AES
encryption with a 1024 bit key. BarracudaDrive includes hacker
prevention logic and automatically bans anyone trying to hack into your

BarracudaDrive is built as an application by using the Barracuda
Embedded Web Server SDK. Thus, BarracudaDrive consumes a small memory
footprint compared to other web servers.