Alphalogix™ Announces Full Integration of its’ Tasica Forms Director 3.0 with XML Open Standard Electronic Forms

August 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Huntington Beach, CA, August 20, 2007 – Alphalogix™, a long-time leader in electronic forms and workflow technology, announced today Tasica Forms Director 3.0’s full integration with XML open standard electronic form formats. Electronic form authoring design tools such as IBM Workplace Forms, also based on open standards, are fully maximized in value with Tasica Forms Director’s point and click, easy-to-use business process automation and electronic form routing capabilities.

“Being able to create an electronic version of a form is only half of the value that business process automation brings to a corporation,” said Brian Bouchard, CEO of Alacranet, business partner of Alphalogix. “Tasica Forms Director 3.0 is the missing link that gives anyone within an organization ranging from sales people, HR managers, and IT departments, the opportunity to develop workflows in the same environment as they created the electronic form. This way all of the workers, departments and resources are connected together, exploiting the full benefits of business process automation.”

Tasica Forms Director allows users to design workflows to include electronic forms with digital signatures, multiple language options, unlimited variable decisions, pre-population of data and easy to edit flexibility. Concurrent workflows can also be designed with variables making logical decisions based off of the data and information submitted through the electronic form. This open standard interoperability foundation not only allows users to pull data from the electronic form to read from and write to or from any external relational database system but it also permits workflows to be designed to store electronic forms in any internal content repository.

According Bob McCandless, CEO of Alphalogix, “Because anyone from different departments within an organization can use this rapid application tool, IT departments can breathe a little, giving them the time to increase productivity and use the open standards environment of Tasica Forms Director to extend the out-of-the-box workflow capabilities to create more complex workflows and integrate them with other applications across different information systems.”

He states, “Ultimately the biggest benefit of an open standard XML foundation is that it is future proof. Many organizations have workflow and electronic forms data and documents that are locked up in formats that are unacceptable to the design tools of today. With open standards, information from the electronic forms and workflow processes will never become technologically obsolete.”

Currently, Tasica Forms Director 3.0 is built within the same Eclipse open standard development environment as IBM Workplace Forms allowing users to easily create electronic forms and corresponding workflow processes in a side-by-side interface. Alphalogix plans to expand Tasica’s line of workflow technology to integrate with a multitude of electronic forms authoring environments such as XForms, HTML, Microsoft InfoPath, and Adobe PDF. For additional information about Tasica Forms Director or other products and services provided by Alphalogix, please contact Victoria Sauer at 714-901-1456 ext. 209.

About Alphalogix - Alphalogix is an expert in portal technology, electronic forms and workflow solution and content management expertise. As a two time Lotus Award winner for “Best Worldwide Portal Solution”, Alphalogix has worked with customers such as Twentieth Century Fox, Golden State Foods, and Starbucks creating collaborative portals that efficiently connect people and applications together. Alphalogix is currently integrating Portal and workflow technology with its latest release of Tasica Forms Director, a business process automation solution for rapid workflow application. For additional information about the company or products, visit

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