A Business Solution With 1.com.my

August 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A new upgrade can now be found at 1.com.my. After years of experience in building websites, we are now moving towards managing online marketing and operations. It is a known fact that websites are essential tools for almost any business that wants to succeed today. Yet, though it is a tool often used, it isnít one that guarantees results on its own; and at 1.com.my, the focus is on delivering a business solution, not a website.

An attractive website does not equal a productive one; there are various factors that come into play and 1.com.my considers those factors and increases the success rate of a companyís website. We believe for example, that oneís budget should be focused on marketing activities instead of development as years of experience have made us believe that that is the only way to be noticed.

In addition to that, we also believe in a detailed study of the nature of the company and the conversion factors in how it is measured. With that, we lay the groundwork on which we can now build on to increase conversion ratios. This will save both time and resources and will give one the ability to understand where one stand and what the next move should be, regardless of the industry.

Those interested or have any inquiries please visit: www.1.com.my