ATEN Extends Computer Connections

August 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
ATEN International, leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge connectivity solutions, enriches its KVM Extender product range with three new models – the CE250A PS/2 KVM Extender, CE800 USB KVM Extender and ALTUSEN KE0220 Audio/KVM Extender. They allow KVM signals to be transmitted over long distances of up to 250 meters between the computer and the console (keyboard, mouse and monitor), providing users with surge protection, audio and USB mass storage functionality.

With the CE250A, ATEN introduces a PS/2 extender that allows users to control their system from both a local console and a remote console up to 150 meters away. For ensuring excellent performance, the CE250A not only uses a Cat 5 cable (or higher) to connect the local and remote unit, but also offers enhanced features, such as built-in 2000 volt surge protection, rack mountable metal housing, and superior video quality of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Furthermore, the remote unit does not require external power supply as it takes its power directly from the computer.

The new CE800 USB KVM Extender connects the local and remote unit up to 250 meters via a Cat 5 cable (or higher) as well. With a built-in USB port on both the local and remote unit, it supports external USB Mass Storage compliant flash drives allowing files to be up- and downloaded easily. The installation is protected with special CE800 security features. For mounting an external USB storage device on the remote unit, users have to authenticate themselves with their login. Furthermore, the CE800 is audio-enabled supporting both stereo speakers and microphone, and provides built-in 2000 volt surge protection. With the Adjustable Gain Control function, users are able to manually adjust the signal strength for an optimal transmission across various distances.

“Whenever computers need to be placed at a remote, secure location and at a distance from the console, KVM extenders are the convenient, cost-efficient and reliable solution. We are thinking of factory environments where workstations are exposed to pollutants or publicly available PCs for example in libraries and Internet cafés – there are many fields of application,” says Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. “Innovative KVM extenders such as CE250A and CE800 offer state-of-the-art functionality prevent hardware tampering and damage caused by environmental conditions and reduces clutter at workstations.”

In addition to these two models, ATEN introduces the KE0220 Audio KVM Extender within its enterprise-class ALTUSEN product line. The audio-enabled extender transmits video, stereo speaker and microphone signals via Cat 5 cabling over a distance of up to 200 meters. Furthermore, the KE0220 product characteristics include Adjustable Gain Control, an excellent video resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels and upgradeable firmware.

The KVM extenders come with rack mount kit that is suitable in the server room environment. ATEN’s CE250A PS/2 KVM Extender, CE800 USB KVM Extender and ALTUSEN KE0220 are available now. The prices are £148.80 (CE250A), £318.10 (CE800) and £234.10 (KE0220) not including VAT. For more information and availability, please contact ATEN U.K. Limited (phone: +44 (0) 1753-539121, fax: +44 (0) 1753-215253, or your local ATEN sales representatives or distributor.