“Conversion Rate Experts” becomes Europe’s first Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant

August 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
At the beginning of 2006, internet marketing expert Ben Jesson believed that the industry-leading websites of his employer, www.mobalrental.com and www.mobell.co.jp, could not be improved upon. Then a chance conversation with his colleague Dr Karl Blanks, a former Cambridge rocket scientist, led to the creation of a new system for increasing a website’s profits… using scientific tools. Over the following 18 months, the company’s sales nearly went through the roof [well, through the ceiling - see their wall chart], increasing from £1.7m ($3.1m) to £9.7m ($18.5m).

In December 2006, Jesson and Blanks started a consultancy company called “Conversion Rate Experts” (CRE). They did so by launching, from their bedrooms, a website (www.conversion-rate-experts.com) that contained a single-page article. The article, which was supposedly written by a cartoon squirrel, revealed some of the techniques they had been using. Thanks to viral websites like Digg, it immediately became the 3rd-fastest-growing website in the world [see screenshot from Alexa.com], getting more visitors than tesco.com and easyjet.com [see graph].

The following day, they were surprised to receive a phone call from Google. They have now accepted Google’s invitation to become the only European consulting partner for Google’s new Website Optimizer service.

CRE’s services include a free course on Google Website Optimizer, which can be downloaded from www.conversion-rate-experts.com.

Dr Karl Blanks and Mr Ben Jesson make for a lively interview. To arrange an interview, call Dr Blanks on 0207 1933 696 or 07715 809444.

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