August 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Surprise, AZ – Soaring Star Productions LLC today announced that its third DVD feature, Pocket Snails® Potty Adventure, starring the Pocket Snails®, will premiere in stores nationwide on September 27, 2007.

In this innovative new video, the three mini mollusks tackle the topic of potty training. The title is the third DVD in the successful award-winning children’s series from Soaring Star, an educational media production company with classic character contributors.

Pocket Snails Potty Adventure features the intrepid snail trio, Gordon, Dale and Buttons, as they help a little boy Jake, whose pocket they reside in, teach his younger sister about using the bathroom. Soaring Star cleverly accomplishes the task by having the Pocket Snails set out with a camera and the Potty Steps Map to communicate the complete potty process with pictures and graphics for a visual learning lesson. As an added resource for parents, each DVD comes complete with a child-size Potty Steps Map so that children can follow along with the program and then use the map on their own potty learning adventures!

Kate Beale, vice president of Soaring Star, said, “Tackling the potty issue with children is never an easy task for a parent. We knew from our first two Pocket Snails features that we had a fun and entertaining means of communicating with children through the Pocket Snails characters. We chose to address the potty topic because we saw a helpful way to approach children who are both new to the Pocket Snails or already fans of the characters.”

Soaring Star has found a successful formula by using the Pocket Snails as the little movie star messengers to speak to a child on his or her level. The hard-shelled heroes for pre-schoolers are proud endorsers that assist a child through exciting repetition, original upbeat music and lyrics, encouragement and positive reinforcement that pleases both the child and, ultimately, the parents.

The first two Pocket Snails videos, Pocket Snails® Letter Adventure and Pocket Snails® Aquaphonic Adventure, have been honored with a combined total of over 20 different educational, parenting, and graphic production awards. The latest Pocket Snails Adventure arrives as the most advanced and feature-rich Soaring Star production to date.

“We used some of the latest graphics capabilities in computer animation, while staying true to the characters as they were originally developed,” Andy Beale, president of Soaring Star and lead animator for the Pocket Snails, said. “The Pocket Snails are not intricately detailed characters, but they embody a whole lot of personality in their affable form.”

Pocket Snails Potty Adventure (MSRP $14.95) is recommended for ages 2 and up and will be available nationwide at www.pocketsnails.com, www.amazon.com, and other fine retailers.

About Soaring Star Productions, LLC
Kate Beale founded Arizona based Soaring Star Productions, LLC in February 2003. The company specializes in producing distinctive, humorous and exciting educational media for preschool-age children and is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and appealing products that are both educationally rewarding and entertaining. For additional information or to order Pocket Snails multimedia products, visit www.pocketsnails.com.