‘What to do When Foreclosure of Real Estate Threatens’ Blog Launches

August 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Friday, 26 August 2007 – Golcrest today launches a new blog aimed at providing help for those threatened with real estate foreclosure and the loss of their home. Many States across the USA are reporting rising numbers of mortgage payment defaults leading to increasing levels of foreclosure and homelessness.

Alan Fleming, from Golcrest was quoted as saying ‘Whilst the picture varies across the country, there is clear evidence to suggest that numbers are increasing daily and the overall picture is bleak. The well reported problems within the sub prime lower income market appear to be worsening and there is also data to suggest that these problems are spreading to other real estate markets. It has just been reported that the cancellation of purchase contracts for higher priced new build luxury real estate is reaching levels not seen in 20 years’.

He went on to say ‘There are actions which can be taken to help to ease the terrible worry and uncertainty which occur when foreclosure is threatened. In many situations, foreclosure can be avoided if handled efficiently and professionally. Knowing what to do and when to do it is absolutely crucial and this will be covered in a series of ongoing articles in this new blog.’

At the time of writing, money markets, equity markets and real estate markets are all showing great nervousness and uncertainty due to the unfolding problems within the sub prime mortgage market. Any attempt to help ease the human misery now being experienced by so many borrowers in this sector is to be encouraged.

The newly launched Advice on What to do when Foreclosure Threatens blog will provide important strategic information on how to approach and deal with these issues.

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