Simplifi Digital Announces High Definition 3D Entertainment Centers

August 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Consumers Can Now Get Theater Quality 3D In Their Homes. Millions of people have enjoyed high quality 3D at amusement parks and in theaters across the country. Now, with the Simplifi Digital 3D Entertainment Center and a 3D compatible DLP® monitor from Samsung or Mitsubishi, consumers can have a breathtaking 3D experience.

Consumers can now watch DVDs, videos, play games, and view pictures in high definition 3D. Simplifi Digitalís Entertainment PC converts all DVDs and JPEGs as well as many videos from 2D to 3D on the fly. Add a new dimension to PC game play using 3D!

Simplifiís Entertainment PC includes all necessary software, 3D shutter glasses and transmitter, and five 3D DVDs.

Consumers can also purchase Samsung DLP monitors, Simplifi amplifiers, and Infinity surround sound systems to provide a complete home entertainment experience.

How DLP 3D works: People perceive 3D because their left eyes and right eyes see slightly different view, giving our brains depth cues. The 3D PC and software, DLP® monitor, and shutter glass all work together to create and ensure that left eye images are seen by the left only, and right eye images are seen by the right eye only. The 3D PC creates the 3D content and outputs the left and right images in the appropriate format for the DLP® monitor, which displays alternating left and right eye images. The shutter glasses ensure that users only see the appropriate image by blocking light from reaching the wrong eye. This happens faster than people can perceive, and your brain interprets the resulting image in 3D.

Bundle 3D PC with Samsung DLP® Monitors, Simplifi amplifiers, and Infinity Speakers: Purchase your 3D compatible DLP monitor with your 3D PC and save $300 or more!