Sports Prophet™ Announces New Product Launch

August 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Orlando, Fla., August 26, 2007 — Sports Prophet, LLC today announced the official launch of its powerful draft assistance and player management system. The Sports Prophet System utilizes a proprietary blend of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining techniques to provide fantasy sports enthusiast player projections with a level of accuracy previously unattainable.

"Our proprietary technology has a proven track record in a variety of market segments,” said Ari Wirtschafter, President of Sports Prophet, LLC. “We are excited to bring this technology into the fantasy sports arena, giving players the ability to make more rational and informed decisions regarding draft picks and season long roster management. The sheer volume of data and statistics, combined with the highly competitive nature of fantasy football, creates a perfect environment for the application of this technology and the introduction of the Sports Prophet System.”

Sports Prophet will offer the system in a Web-based environment so subscribers can access their Sports Prophet account from any device equipped with an Internet connection. In addition, unlike typical draft assistance software used one time for the draft, Sports Prophet provides a full suite of products that take subscribers beyond the draft with tools to manage their roster for the entire season.

Other advanced features include:
• Updates of player projections mid-season through Sports Prophet’s proprietary artificial intelligence techniques
• Ability to process customized league-specific scoring and rules
• Drop/drag interfaces that allow users to customize the screens to display the information most important to them and their league
• Providing full content, such as up-to-date box scores, informative articles, sports news and information
• Ability to manage multiple teams – plus a unique League Performance Center that allows the display of all teams regardless of league on one page to provide a “snapshot” of how each team is performing
• Availability of retrospective fantasy point production totals for one, three and five years – another exclusive Sports Prophet feature
• Retention of personalized league/team information from season to season

Subscribers will pay a one time fee which will provide them access to all features and tools offered by Sports Prophet, regardless of the number of teams being managed. With the introduction of the Sports Prophet System, fantasy sports fans can leverage its predictive power and gain the competitive edge to dominate their fantasy league.

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About Sports Prophet, LLC: Founded in 2006, Sports Prophet is an Orlando based technology company specializing in draft and full season roster management in the fantasy sports market.

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