Explains How to Reduce Federal Student Loan Debt or Private Student Loan Debt

August 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Tampa, FL (PRLEAP) August 28, 2007 - Student Loan Consolidation Programs can reduce student debt up to 70%. A website, clearly explains how with the right Student Loan Consolidation Programs, students who have taken out either Federal Student Loans or Private Student Loans can benefit. As the cost of college expenditures are skyrocketing, so are the number of students who are buried and sunk in an anchor of student loan debt when they graduate. Student loan consolidation programs provide the best option for students who are finding it hard to manage their student loan debt and to pay them back on time. Student loan consolidation programs lets students reduce interest rates and streamlines payments as well.

Student loan consolidation programs can be broadly divided into either federal student loan consolidation and private student loan consolidation. A number of student loan consolidation companies give the option of taking a federal loan. This is generally better than private loan because no security is necessary while getting a low interest rate that come with secured loans. This is because the federal government underwrites these loans. This means that the government will in effect pay back the student loan debt in those instances when there is a failure of the student to make the payments themselves. A new website, has been formulated to provide a no cost, no obligation student loan educational process and application with no credit check.

Researching Student Loan Consolidation Programs on the internet helps students find the right program with an individual customized strategy and plan to pay back the student loan debt and take part in the number of potential benefits in consolidating their student debt. First of all, a federal student loan consolidation program will give the minimum interest rates that can be found anywhere. On top of this, the repayment period can be extended well into the future —-even up to 30 years along with having other flexible benefits as well. Even in those cases where a student might have difficulty in paying a couple of the consolidated student debt payments on time, under most Student Loan Consolidation Programs, a student can apply for an extension. To be eligible for a federal student loan consolidation program, total student debt should be greater than $7500.

In summary, it is best to research to find the right Student Loan Consolidation Program. Learn the difference between Federal Student Loan Consolidation and Private Student Loan Consolidation. By visiting internet sites such as, students will be on the right path to reducing student loan debt in their own best and individual interest