Enigma Games Inc. has announced the release of Arm Wrestling League, available exclusively for Mac, PC and mobile devices

August 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Enigma Games Inc. has announced the release of Arm Wrestling League, available exclusively for Mac, PC and mobile devices. Developed by the independent developer, Arm Wrestling League showcases stunning graphics, compelling characters, and engaging gameplay. Of particular note are the brilliantly detailed environments, a unique strength building system, and an immersive storyline bursting with hours of game play.

Predestined to be an instant classic and a gamer's favorite, Arm Wrestling League produces light hearted fun as well as intense strategy use in a way only Enigma Games could. With the ability to create your very own arm wrestler you can customize your player to match up against an assortment of opponents. These contenders are macho men from all walks of life and include: the biker (Mama's Boy), the cop (Longarm Lawler), the bouncer (Fatman Smiley), the lumberjack (Tim Burr), the bodybuilder (Protein Gene), the sumo wrestler (Won Ton Zoup), the thug (Deuce), and the professional wrestler (Arm Perfect). To claim victory against any of these opponents, you are going to need to build your characters strength, stamina and overall performance. Mastering moves such as the hook, press, and top roll are key to your success as an arm wrestler, especially if you plan to be a worthy opponent to this game's superstar arm wrestler, the undisputed, undefeated Grand Champion Master X!

Gameplay is rather simple to learn. By using a basic rock-paper-scissors format mixed with a pattern matching strategy, you will be pinning your opponent's hand to the table in no time at all. As an additional feature, you can submit your record online for all to see your progress as an arm wrestling champion at any stage of the game. Boasting an energetic soundtrack, Arm Wrestling League will keep you motivated to hang in there and whip those flabby arms into bulging biceps all while bringing down each challenger.

Plus as bonus, a Free T-shirt will be included with every purchase of Arm Wrestling League for the first 30 days after the official release (Offer ending Sept 19, 2007). Then you can show the world you are an Arm Wrestling League master!

"Enigma Games Inc. has developed a reputation for quality gaming action and Arm Wrestling League further cements their position as an elite developer in the genre," said Xavier D. Moore, President/CEO. "With distinctive visuals, innovative gameplay, and an entertaining story, Arm Wrestling League pushes the gaming level to new heights and is a must own for gamers seeking the ultimate experience in fun!"

Rated: E
Difficulty: Medium
Genre: Sports

About Enigma Games Inc:
Founded in 2000, Enigma Games Inc. is an independent developer of video games for Mac, PC and mobile devices. Focusing on innovation and strategy, their lineup of games has carved a niche in the industry. Distribution agreements with Handango and Clickgamer allow Enigma Games Inc. to reach its target customers through their high volume websites.