Launch Signals User-Friendliness and Search Visibility for Online Cancer Resources

August 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Loma Linda, CA – Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) is proud to announce the official launch of, the new and permanent online home for their internationally acclaimed Proton Treatment Center.

“One of our goals was to launch a leading online resource for those seeking information on proton therapy and cancer treatment,” explained Dr. James M. Slater, Vice Chair for the Department of Radiation Medicine at LLUMC. “Not only are we providing this with, we are also advancing the visibility and the field of proton therapy itself.”

Created in conjunction with Earthbound Media Group (EMG), the new site is designed as a comprehensive resource for current and future patients. It also reflects LLUMC’s prestigious history and advanced treatment approach. Although proton therapy is still not widely publicized, seeks to educate cancer patients about this superior and highly precise form of treatment.

“People want cancer therapy to become less offensive, less harmful and more tolerable,” said Dr. Slater, Vice Chair for the Department of Radiation Medicine at LLUMC. “Proton therapy certainly fulfills all those expectations.”

Streaming video clips that feature patient testimonials and a virtual tour designed to familiarize patients with the proton therapy process are both key to increasing patient knowledge and comfort level. Information rich but with intuitive, friendly navigation, the site encourages interaction and discovery.

“Through photos, videos and educational materials, patients are treated to a highly interactive experience as they make their way through the site,” explained Jon Farjo, EMG’s Interactive Marketing Strategist.

Along with a content rich front end, the site is supported by a structured back end. Search engine optimized to allow visitors to easily find the site and information about proton therapy in all major search engines, the site also allows LLUMC to easily update content as they see fit through the use of Interwoven’s Teamsite.

“Visitors will be able to search across the entire site with search results provided by a Google Mini, custom configured for,” explained Jeff Lawrence, Web Analytics and SEM Specialist at EMG. “The most relevant content will also automatically be distributed to visitors through Baynote’s content guides.”

All in all, the new site will serve as an easy to update portal for information about proton therapy at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Highly searchable and loaded with valuable content, makes the goal of spreading awareness about proton treatment more achievable than ever.