AmeriPlan® Announces National Rx Plan for Expensive Name-Brand Drugs

August 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dallas, Texas - AmeriPlan®, a Dallas-based company, currently provides a simple and affordable solution for the health care needs of individuals and their families. This includes access to providers who offer discounts for their dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic, physician, lab and ancillary services. AmeriPlan®, through partnership with EZMeds USA, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has recently developed the most advanced prescription program in the industry, The AmeriPlan® Prescription Advocacy Program (APAP). APAP assists Ameriplan® members who qualify with a service which enables them to obtain their costly medications directly from the pharmaceutical companies through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). APAP provides an enhancement to AmeriPlanís basic Pharmacy Discount Card, and is specifically targeted for those individuals who have monthly maintenance medication costs exceeding $100, and in some cases, $500 or more per month.

APAP, along with EZMeds USA, was created for the primary purpose of making the millions facing financial challenges in this country aware of Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), and to assist eligible individuals who cannot afford their prescription medications due to limited income or other financial hardships. ďMany individuals canít afford to pay their insurance premiums and then also pay hundreds of dollars for their medications. Consequently, people end up dropping their insurance, because they just canít afford both. We think AmeriPlan® has found one solution,Ē says Dennis Bloom, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of AmeriPlan®.

APAP provides access to over 1,100 name-brand drugs through the over 200 pharmaceutical companies who offer Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). Members pay a one-time application fee and a low monthly service fee, with no limit to the number of prescriptions. Patients, once qualified for APAP, will then begin receiving their medications directly from the pharmaceutical companies at no additional cost.

APAP determines the patientís eligibility for each prescription program, processes the necessary paperwork which each physician needs to sign, and sends it directly to the pharmaceutical company for processing and fulfillment. Clients usually receive their first free 90-day supply within 6-8 weeks. According to Dennis Bloom, ďWe have seen our members save anywhere from $200 to $2,900 per month, in just a few months of offering this new program. Itís just incredible.Ē

Bloom says AmeriPlan® has found that members who are dealing with pharmacy costs exceeding $90 per month are the ones who can really benefit from this program. AmeriPlan® continues to provide cutting-edge advanced healthcare solutions to uninsured and under- insured.

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