HiPe PC Releases new Media Center lineup with Speech Recognition and Blu-Ray + HD-DVD capabilities

August 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Minneapolis, MN – Aug. 30, 2007 – HiPe PC® - Manufacturer of high performance gaming pcs, Automobile computers, home theater computers and professional workstations – Releases new fall Media Center PC Lineup with increased storage, speech recognition, HD media playback and media server capabilities. The new eMage-N HD series of Media Center computers continues to improve upon the previous generation with native HDMI output that allows high definition 1080p video and 8 channel audio to be transmitted from a single cable and the ability to play either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs on a single drive.

“The major obstacle to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is Blu-Ray and HD-DVD” says Sarah Werner, Vice President of HiPe PC. “Each format is sufficiently expensive enough that consumers would rather wait out the battle to see who wins instead of adopting one format and discovering six months down the road that they purchase ‘Betamax generation 2’. Both camps have enough support in their respective camps that there’s no reason to believe either side is going anywhere. So what we have a solution that allows playback of both formats on a single drive. The HD war ends here and our customers are the winners. Believe The HiPe.”

Also new with the eMage-N HD series is the addition of the wireless LTB Q-Bean microphone/headset that allows users to issue voice commands to One Voice Technologies’ Media Center Communicator from up to 150’ away.

“The level of connectivity possible with the speech recognition found in eMage-N HD is almost difficult to grasp and it just isn’t found in other media centers” says Zachary, Customer Service Representative for HiPe PC. “You can be sitting in your living room and tell your computer to play a song on the Xbox 360 in your bedroom. Or with home automation integration you can go outside with Q-Bean and tell the computer in your den to record a television show, dim the porch lights, turn off the sprinkler, and then play soft jazz music through wireless speakers out by the barbecue. All of this using only simple speech commands. And with up to 15 Terabytes of storage, you can store all of your media in one location without hassling with CDs and flash drives. You don’t even have to remember what folder you put it in. Just tell your computer the song title, movie title, genre or album you’d like to enjoy. Seriously, believe The HiPe.”

Owners of HiPe’s Driv-N Car PCs can also issue voice commands over the Internet to seamlessly play media located on their home media center. Optional upgrades include high definition projectors, DVD changers, LCD/Plasma televisions, 12.1” touchscreen and up to 15 terabytes of storage space.

eMage-N HD starts at $1199 and is available immediately. For more information about eMage-N HD, visit http://www.hipepc.com/store/pc/Media-Center-PCs-c18.htm. For more information about HiPe PC, visit http://www.hipepc.com or call (888) 602-6960.