Repetitive Strain Injury Website Launched to Aid RSI Sufferers

August 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
This week sees the launch of the Repetitive Strain Injury website, which has been developed to help aid individuals who believe that they may be suffering from a repetitive strain injury. The site initially details the different types of RSI's and goes into details such as the specific symptoms for each type, the causes of repetitive strain injuries, techniques for the prevention of RSI's, treatment options and aspects of RSI's in the workplace.

Repetitive strain injuries are a controversial area of medicine, with a small number of physicians believing the symptoms to be largely psychosomatic. This can lead to a problematic diagnosis, which if taken over a long period of time could lead to the exacerbation of the repetitive strain injury. The launch of the Repetitive Strain Injury
website will empower individuals with the information necessary to prevent RSI's from occurring and if symptoms are present, the site will provide advice and relevant contacts in a succinct form for sufferers to obtain help at the earliest opportunity from a medical professional.

The site stresses the imperative nature of early diagnosis of an RSI because if left untreated for too long, the symptoms can become irreversible. RSI legislation in the workplace is covered along with guidance on how to make the workplace an ergonomically sound environment. It is in the interests both legally and financially for employers to
eradicate the manifestation of RSI's in the workplace wherever possible, however, some RSI sufferers have brought industrial court cases against their employers in extreme cases. The Repetitive Strain Injury website details recent RSI court payouts and advises on how sufferers could go about making a claim against their employer should they feel the need.