Cyclope-Series improves its Employee Surveillance Solution

August 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Rising through the countless applications that are released every day, Cyclope-Series reveals an improved version of its employee monitoring software: Cyclope 3.9.2.

The new features of Cyclope 3.9.2 come to help managers and system administrators better monitor their employees and reduce the abuse and malpractice in their company. Through its monitoring software, Cyclope-Series is constantly providing solutions for decreasing web browsing for personal use, chat conversations and idle time.

Cyclope 3.9.2 comes with a new Rules&Alerts module, which enable the manager to create rules for each employee or department and to monitor what rules have been broken, who broke them and the extent of the abuse. In the Statistics section, the alerts are activated only if the employee activity does not comply with the specified rules settings. Thus, the manager can easily find out if the maximum time accepted for web browsing or for chat conversations has been exceeded and by who.

To make your business more efficient do not hesitate to evaluate Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution 3.9.2 available at