Returnil is proud to announce a new Public Beta for the Returnil Virtual System

August 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 30th, 2007 Riga, Latvia: Returnil is proud to announce a new Public Beta for the Returnil Virtual System v1.70. We are offering a free, 30-day testing license for all testers who request it, and further, we will give free, one-year licensing to those testers who provide the most consistent feedback and reporting during the testing period.

New in version 1.70

• System Protection Scheduler – Fully automated and customizable scheduler for the System Protection feature.
• Installation Wizard upgrade – The installation now allows the user to configure more options during install.
• RVS Toolbar visual upgrade – The RVS toolbar will change colors as an additional visual aide to the user for current System Protection status.
• RVS Toolbar feature upgrade – The RVS Toolbar now includes the same right click options menu as the Tray Icon.
• Program Access Password – Access Password Manager now included in optional program settings rather than the Main Status Screen.
• SATA/IDE combinations – Solution added to address issues when using SATA and IDE drives in combination.
• Preference protection – Solution added to harden RVS against damage to user preferences.
• RVS Tray Icon recovery – RVS now able to recover its Tray Icon if Explorer crashes.
• HotKey upgrade – The hotkey feature now accepts “none” as a valid hotkey selection.
• User’s Manual – Manual updated for 1.70
• Display update – Actual Hard Disk and partition designations shown in Main GUI and Toolbar to aide in troubleshooting (EX: [Harddisk0/Partition1]).

It is time to reject outdated thinking and get proactive with your system integrity protection! By participating in the Public Beta, you will be verifying and supporting a completely new approach to computer security. Moreover, you will be helping yourself by discovering that simple, targeted, and well-designed security solutions can be more effective and relevant than the bloat-ware solutions you and your system are dealing with now!

We would like to thank our official Mirror; MajorGeeks (dot) com, for graciously providing download hosting support during the one-month Beta release. Returnil Virtual System Beta will be also available for download at download (dot) com and other download sites.

Returnil: Simple, Smart, and Strong Approach to PC Safety

Company contact:
Michael A. Wood
VP Sales Returnil SIA


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Returnil SIA is a privately-held, Latvian-based Internet Security company that has developed a totally new approach to computer security that is efficient, effective, simple to use, and completely safe. Using a powerful virtualization technology to clone computer’s System Partition in memory rather than on a portion of the Hard Disk Drive, Returnil offers users the ability to recover from harmful or unwanted changes with a simple reboot of the computer. The company is powered by a diverse group of nontraditional thinkers that are dedicated to developing, publishing, and supporting leading security software for the Microsoft® Windows Operating environment. More information about Returnil is available at