Breaking Free of Consultancy Codependency

August 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
According the US Bureau of Census, businesses have been dramatically increasing their spending on consultants - in 2006 alone, more than $156 billion in revenues were generated by outside consultancy groups. This is an increase of more than 12% over the previous year. However, a Ziff-Davis survey (created for CIO Insight) found that over the same period of time, US technical organizations are getting bigger, not smaller!

The numbers are clear - companies are still struggling with an unhealthy reliance on outside expertise. As salaries for technical employees rise, businesses still struggle with the productivity of their internal software development organizations. They turn to outside consultants as a solution. Unfortunately, once the consultants leave, so does the Intellectual Property…and the skills.

“It’s an upside down equation,” says Kelby Zorgdrager, CEO of DevelopIntelligence LLC, “If as much money was spent on increasing the skills and competencies of the software development staff as is spent on outside consultants, companies would see a quicker return on their technology investments.”

In an effort to bring productivity back into software development organizations, DevelopIntelligence is introducing an entire suite of competency-focused software development training offerings. From hands-on training to robust prototyping services, DevelopIntelligence has helped Fortune 100 Financial Companies and larger government organizations increase their productivity while reducing their consulting overhead. Through their training, coaching, mentoring and prototyping services, DevelopIntelligence has helped more than 200 software development organizations find productivity from within.

“Once software development organizations start investing in their own organizations, they begin to find organizational self-sufficiency and an almost immediate return on their investment” says Zorgdrager. “We’re pleased to provide these services to Colorado businesses. We’ve seen dramatic job growth for software developers throughout the state. We want to help other Colorado companies retain, and reinvest, in our local talent.”

DevelopIntelligence will be holding open-house learning events throughout the Denver-Boulder metro region, in an effort to help business learn better ways to invest in technical training. More information can be found on their website:

About DevelopIntelligence, LLC

DevelopIntelligence is a software development training company that specializes in helping organizations successfully migrate to modern software development paradigms and new technologies. With over 40 years of combined experience in software development, training, and consulting, the DevelopIntelligence team are experts in OOAD, Java, Web and Rich Internet Application Development, SOA, and Web Services.