Canadian Company Challenges the Security World: $100,000 Whitenoise Security Challenge

August 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The $100,000 Whitenoise Security Challenge begins on October 15, 2007.

“Validation and testing has been conducted by the university system, appropriate government agencies and international patent authorities. The process has culminated in the granting of US and international patents for Whitenoise. Now the global community including any governments, security companies, universities, enterprises, security groups, black hat groups, hackers and consumers are challenged to compromise Whitenoise security. Learned helplessness and the industry “good enough” posture are no longer adequate,” says Andre Brisson CEO-President of Whitenoise.

The need for effective digital security has never been greater. In 2007-2008 Whitenoise products including the Security Suite, Group Keys, Secure File Interchange and the Whitenoise Tunnel will be released to the public in retail and Value Added Reseller channels internationally. These products can be found through fine distributors like

Whitenoise key technologies are designed to secure data in transmission and at rest by providing continuous authentication throughout a network session, inherent intrusion detection, and automatic denial of network access to criminals without human intervention. It is well suited to secure high volume, high speed, real-time streaming applications and telecommunications.

By taking a “common sense” approach, and investing just a few minutes, any technologist can readily dispel the belief that setting up security is difficult and onerous. Just by setting up a codec for Windows Media Player and installing a media key on a USB flash memory drive, encrypted video and multi-media is playable without any perceptible latency. You can readily see how easy it is to deploy on wireless devices to satisfy real-time speed demands with an inexpensive software solution. And it secures any kind of digital network. To learn about Whitenoise key technologies and solutions and to review patents please visit

“The winner, if any, will be announced in June 2008. If as we suspect no successful break is submitted, WN intends to follow up with a $1 Million Whitenoise Security Challenge beginning in the summer of 2008”, says Whitenoise CTO and founder Stephen Boren.