Women's Recovery Retreat Center Gives Addicted Women A Chance to Reinvent Themselves

August 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(Austin, TX) Originally a drug and alcohol recovery retreat only center for women, the Open Door Retreat (http://www.opendoorretreat.com) now offers personalized programs for women with all types of addictions. This unique approach to women's recovery includes a highly personalized curriculum, specifically tailored to address the precise issues each woman is facing.

The number of women addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other life-depreciating habits tends to be lower than that of men. This is the reason that Ty Goodridge-Lund, founder of The Open Door Retreat, says that solutions for womenâs addiction recovery arenât as plentiful as that of male focused recovery centers.

Located in the historic, culture-rich city of San Miguel Mexico, the one to four week long women's retreat sessions are designed to help women rebuild self esteem, become centered, learn relapse prevention techniques, and learn more about the factors that cause their addictions.

"Women tend to spend so much time attending to the needs of others that they lose themselves in the process. These retreats are designed to help women reconnect with themselves and reinvent their lives," says Goodridge-Lund.

Most all addiction recovery retreats include activities that help women to pay attention to their own needs including:

- Meditation and relaxation
- Group sessions
- Massage
- Yoga
- Thermal pools
- Concerts and festivals
- Writing and journaling
- Cooking classes
- Day excursions
- Artistic expression

In addition to the many standard activities, retreats are personalized for each woman, to address their specific issues with addiction and self esteem.

Goodridge-Lund says that the week long programs are short enough for women who juggle responsibilities with children and work, but long enough for women to reconnect with themselves and learn from others.

"You can leave the Retreat, but the Retreat doesn't leave you. The women who come here say that the experiences they gain here give them the strength to manage through the tough times back at home. We are very excited about this opportunity to make a life-changing difference in the lives of even more women."

About the Open Door Retreat: The Open Door Retreat for women offers a holistic approach to recovery from all addictions. The program's goal is to unlock each woman's full potential so that she may develop a virtual roadmap to a better life. To learn more about The Open Door Retreat's planned and customized activities, visit the Open Door Retreat website at http://www.opendoorretreat.com.