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June 14, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
In business and in the workplace, on the domestic front and in our social lives, we all stand to benefit from improved communication skills. We crave for more fulfilling interpersonal relationships. - Your Communication Skills Portal at is becoming more and more popular every day as a free online resource for people who appreciate the critical role effective communication plays in advancing their careers, securing their bottom line in business, or in dealing successfully with a variety of critical situations in everyday family and community life.

Many of us are familiar with thorny interpersonal issues such as the following:

- In a job interview or over a business lunch with an important client, you're asked an awkward question you'd rather sink through the floor
than answer. What do you do now?

- You blood is boiling because your boss always passes off your great ideas as his own. What are your options?

- One individual's chronic cynicism or gossip mongering is threatening to cripple team performance in your organization. What can be done
about it?

- A member of your family is lying in agonizing pain, apparently caused by blatant negligence on the part of his doctor. Should you go all out to sue, or would rocking the boat only harm the patient's chances of eventual recovery? Or perhaps there are other options?

- We don't condone speeding, but when you're flagged down by a cop after inadvertently exceeding the speed limit, how do you save face
after the fact and avoid damage to your pocket?

- You want nothing better than to make new friends or create new business contacts. So why does your body language silently scream out, "Please don't come near me!"?

These situations and many others like it are discussed on the site by expert authors, who offer practical solutions that not only bring results but ensure that all parties emerge as winners.

High quality articles and tutorials are added to the site almost daily, on such important topics as (to name just a few):

- Assertiveness skills
- Everyday conversation skills
- Conflict resolution, crisis communications and negotiating skills
- Public speaking and giving effective presentations
- Effective business networking
- Communicating effectively with your marriage partner and your children
- Management strategies and motivating employees
- General and business writing skills is the brainchild of Azriel Winnett, who originally created the site as a showcase for his writing, and subsequently invited a variety of leading communication and relationship experts, personal counselors and business leaders to contribute to his venture.

"The site's growing popularity testifies to the public thirst for readily accessible information on the range of topics we cover," says Azriel. "I'm producing the site as a one-man show with very limited resources and web design is certainly not my forte, but I think here we really do have proof that content is king."

Azriel also offers his personal views and commentary on human communication and similar topics in his new blog at, which is becoming an attraction in its own right.

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